RIM Releases BlackBerry Protect

BlackBerry Protect

Good news for BlackBerry users! Now you don’t have to worry about losing your BlackBerry device or having it stolen even if you have all your personal or business information on it. A few days back, RIM (Research In Motion), developers of the BlackBerry smartphone has released a new security application called BlackBerry Protect.

So what is BlackBerry Protect and what does it do? BlackBerry Protect is a FREE service that provides BlackBerry owners a set of tools that they can use to protect their BlackBerry smartphones in case they lose it or if it gets stolen. Here’s a list of features/options that BlackBerry Protect offers to its users:

  • Automatically back up data from BlackBerry smartphones
  • Locate a misplaced BlackBerry smartphone via the Loud Ring Feature
  • Locate and pinpoint lost/stolen BlackBerry smartphone’s location via cell tower and GPS device tracking
  • Remotely add contact information on home screen (so person who finds it can return it to owner)
  • Protect important data on BlackBerry smartphones with Remote wiping or Device lock via a desktop computer
  • Restore data to a new BlackBerry smartphone
  • Screenshots:
    BlackBerry Protect

    BlackBerry Protect

    BlackBerry Protect

    BlackBerry Protect

    I don’t own a BlackBerry but I know some family members and friends who do and I’m sure many of you also own BlackBerry smartphones, that’s why I’m sharing this new useful application from RIM. Unfortunately, BlackBerry Protect will be launched next week as beta via invite codes and will not be available to the general public. However, RIM has announced that an open public beta will be made available later this year. Btw, this service is only available to customers who aren’t attached to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

    I wish Apple would come up with something like this for iPhone users like me. I know all iPhone users would want that, right guys? If Apple does come up with a similar app, I’m pretty sure it would be one of the most popular and most downloaded apps in the App Store.

    What do you think of RIM’s BlackBerry Protect application? Any BlackBerry smartphone users who have installed and tried the BlackBerry Protect app? Please share your thoughts.

    [via: BGR]
    [image source: BlackBerry.com]

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