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In a world where Apple rules the consumer gadgets market, churning out drool-worthy gadget after drool-worthy gadget, how does the consumer respond? Does he run and hide so he can keep his savings? Or does he get proactive and make ways how to get his Apple fix without needing to rob a bank?

We’ll teach you how to get proactive; but first, let us tell you why we’d even plot to get our hands on all the Apple gadgets we can possibly grab.

  1. Apple’s toys are a cut above the rest. While there are occasional issues, like the Random Shutdown Syndrome, Apple makes sure that they ultimately leave the customer satisfied. Which brings us to the next point.
  2. Apple has excellent support, refunds, replacements, repair, and ongoing machine care policy in Apple Care. Never buy an Apple machine without one.
  3. The Apple iPad. Nuff said.

The Apple iPad has polarized geeks across the globe, as usual. However, one has got to try it to be convinced what geniuses Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive are. Personally, all skepticism fell as I blissfully planted sunflower after sunflower in Plants vs Zombies for the iPad. The touch-drag-click ease. The seamless obliteration of zombies. Ahh. Bliss.

Now that we’re convinced that we have to get new iPads, upgrade our Macbooks, get the iPhone 4 or newer iPods, as well as get our dogs new iPod Shuffles, we’ll show you options how to get your iPad — legally.

  1. Create a “snowflake” system of creating extra income for your iPad. Do you sell stuff on eBay already? Then use your income to build a fund for your Apple toy. If you haven’t started selling on eBay yet, start! It’s a good way to make extra income. Some people, have, in fact, built a full time living off of eBay.
  2. Start a blog, an online selling business, or a high-traffic website. High-traffic websites could be any of these: a meme site, a lyrics site, a template site, or other types of websites where people can get free content and would want to visit often. Those who are into online selling can take the cue from Filipino Multiply sellers, who have made good income buying and selling gadgets, clothing, and even makeup on Multiply. As for blogs, the revenue comes from advertising. You may also try contributing to community sites where you can post your articles and share revenue from the traffic to your articles. Sites like HubPages, Google Knol, and Squidoo are great places to start.
  3. Put a portion of your income, say $20 a week, into a bank account opened specifically for your gadget purchases. There are high-interest savings accounts available, with no minimum balance and no monthly fees. Online savings banks like the Ally Bank offer these features. This ensures that your money saved not only grows as you add to it, the higher interest rate also makes sure that while the money sits there, it earns its keep as well. If you can’t afford to set aside $80 a month for your gadget purchase, $20 a month would do; it’ll just take a long wait to save up to the iPad’s price tag.

These methods are not new, but we hope we’ve pointed you in the right direction. Rather than put all your Apple purchases on your card, try to make a habit of getting your toys through extra income or letting your money work for you. This way, your purchase would be sweeter, allowing you to fully relish the beauty of your new iPad.

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