WD My Cloud OS 3

my cloud os 3

I received an email the last week from Western Digital about the release of the all-new My Cloud OS 3. I wasn’t able to check it out until earlier today when I finally unpacked and installed my WD My Cloud EX4100.

My Cloud OS 3 brings new features, improved functionality for easy file sharing and file management on any PC or Mac computer and Android or iOS device. Below are some of the new and improved features that are included in this update:

Remote Web Access

Create a MyCloud.com account to easily access, share, and manage all the content and files stored on your My Cloud device from any computer. All you need is an Internet connection.

Achieve Digital Harmony with WD Syncâ„¢

Your favorite content is backed up across all your computers and My Cloud unit, so your files are always up to date and accessible from all your devices. Photos and videos can be backed up straight from your tablets and smartphones, too — all in full resolution.

Back up Photos and Videos on your Mobile Devices

The My Cloud mobile app will help keep all the irreplaceable photos and videos on your phone and tablet protected with automatic backup to your personal cloud storage so you can easily free up space and keep on capturing.

Simple Sharing

Create one simple place for you, friends, and family to collect and share all the photos and videos you create, at full resolution, so nobody misses a thing.

wd my cloud login

If you configured your My Cloud device to update automatically, then you’re all set to use My Cloud OS 3. If not, you can install the update manually by logging in to WD My Cloud via http://wdmycloud.com/. Once logged in, you’ll be greeted by a message to update your firmware to the latest version. Just follow the steps and My Cloud OS 3 will be installed without any problems.

The new My Cloud OS 3 interface is simple and easy to navigate through. From it, you can Manage Users, view Folders and Files that are stored on your My Cloud device as well as view Files that you shared with others or others shared with you. It also allows you to do other basic functions such as Share, Rename, Copy, Move, Delete, Upload Files, and Create Folders.

One thing I noticed, whenever I tried to view the files/folders, I could only do it in List view. Whenever I tried switching to Grid view, the files/folders didn’t show up.

Although I won’t be using the web login that much, it’s good to have an option to log in and access your files from anywhere as long as you’re connected to the Internet.

wd sync

WD Sync

I haven’t tried the WD Sync software before so I decided to install it and take it for a spin. Installation and setup was a breeze and only took a few minutes. After logging in with my WD My Cloud account, I just followed the instructions presented by the setup wizard and it was done before I knew it.

With WD Sync installed, whenever I want to upload or sync some of my documents and media I don’t have to log in to the local folder or to the web dashboard. All I need to do is drop the files into the My Cloud folder and it will automatically be synced to my WD My Cloud EX4100.

Anyone here owns a My Cloud device? Have you already upgraded and tried out the much improved My Cloud OS 3? How do you like the new simple user interface? Which new and/or improved feature/s? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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