Looking for free black and white photos? Here are 4 excellent tips

Black and white photos are a timeless classic. They offer impressive art value. Definitely, these pictures can’t be compared with the colorful pictures. Black and white photos have their own uniqueness and beauty.

Considering the above factors, are you now eager to capture black and white photos? If yes, then you have got four incredible tips to follow. Please keep reading and reveal more details about these tips.

Black and White Photos

1. Use Your Mobile Phone

First of all, you can easily shoot black and white photos simply by using your smartphone. It’s one of the easiest ways to capture black and white images. While capturing a picture using your mobile device, just make sure to apply the black and white filter.

Black and White Photos

2. Use A Professional Camera

If you have a camera like DSLR or digital camera, then you can use it too for capturing black and white photos. Most of these cameras come with the configuration that supports black and white image capturing. So, if you have a camera that supports the black and white pictures, then please feel free to use it in order to shoot in black and white scale.

Black and White Photos

3. Use Filter Apps

The above two options are indeed great for capturing black and white images. In addition to it, you have got one more option too. The third option talks about the usage of adding filters to your images. Do you know that you can easily add greyscale filters to any of your images?

In that case, all you will have to use some of the available filter apps. Many filter apps have already gained popularity among the users. Among them, there are the best two recommendations for you, such as VSCO and MIX. These filter apps will allow you to convert any of your colored images to black and white ones just by applying the filter effects.

4. Download B&W Photos From Stock Photo Websites

Let’s now talk about the fourth option. The fourth option talks about two online websites that also allow you to download the stunning and free black and white photos. Here’re the recommendations for you.

Please feel free to use any of these two websites to capture black and white photos.

5. Picture Colorizer: Another Big Option

Thus, if you are looking for some of the easy and effortless ways to capture free black and white images, then the above four tips will be so apt for you. Let’s now talk about the reverse process. Sometimes, you may need to colorize black and white photos for many reasons.

So, if you want to convert black and white photos to colored ones, then please feel free to use Picture Colorizer. This is surely the best tool available in the underlying category. The tool maintains a strong database of previous samples and uses pattern recognition technology (part of artificial intelligence technology) to analyze a black and white image and subsequently colorize it. The colorization process is carried out with the help of machine learning and advanced AI technology. The technology ensures that the tool is using the most appropriate color for your image. And, the overall motto is — the final, processed image looks stunning, beautiful, and realistic.

Benefits of Picture Colorizer
You have already revealed a brief introduction to the tool. Well, the tool offers many excellent benefits that you may not know. So, please have a quick look at the below sections and reveal the amazing benefits of this tool.

  • The tool is so easy to use.
  • It requires no manual hassle.
  • The entire colorization process is automatic.
  • The process is fast and quick.
  • The tool ensures the best quality results.

To use this tool, please download the app for free on your Mac or Windows device. Here’s the website from where you can download the software — https://imagecolorizer.com/picture-colorizer.html.

Please install the downloaded file and launch the software. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Please use the Add Images option that allows you to add/upload any photo that you wish to colorize.

Black and White Photos
Next, please click on the Colorize! option that allows colorizing black and white photos.

Black and White Photos
Once the colorization process is done, please save the image and also apply various parameters. Finally, save the outcomes by clicking on Save As button.

Here is the result:
Black and White Photos

The Summary

You have revealed four quick tips using which you can colorize black and white photos. And, if you now want to go for the reverse one, then you should use Picture Colorizer.

Follow the above tips and play around with your pictures.

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