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Digital Marketing Techniques of the Future

When it comes to the momentum of technology across industries, digital marketing should, by nature, be at the forefront of innovation and aesthetics. With new and better user experience (UX) tech coming out all the

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6 Technologies That Changed Our Lives in 2020

Technologies evolution has come a long way in the past decade. Now more than ever, dozens of Start-ups and established tech companies are working round the clock to improve the way we process and consume

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How Gaming Technology is Evolving Incredibly in the 21st Century

Gaming has outlined the progress of the human mind to a parallel world offering simulation to live several lives at once. The dawn of the technology revolution has changed the gaming industry and taking inspiration


Great New Technology For Grandparents

The comes a time when we want to introduce our grandparents to the new technology that is evolving in our world, but it can often frighten them. Think about the Alexa commercial where the children


Cryptocurrency Tech Could Disrupt Medicine, Housing and More

Although there is been a lot of talk about Blockchain technology Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin; very few people actually understand how these things work. To make sense out of all this, people also want to know;


Will LiFi Replace WiFi in The Future?

Connectivity is one of the biggest boons of modern technology. The various ways of connecting to the Internet have made it possible to remain connected around the clock, regardless of the location. Whether you are

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5 Coding Applications That Teach Children How To Code

Knowing how to code is somewhat already synonymous with learning how to read in this digital age. When you educate your kids to add and subtract, read and write, you are teaching them several ways

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5 Ways Brains Are Different from Computers

The brain is understandably the most sophisticated biological structure known to science. So complex is the human brain that it often described as an abstract concept that cannot be fully understood. According to Live Science,

Technology Education

How Technology Influences Education: Learning by Doing

 The teaching paradigm has changed a great deal in the past few decades. In the past, teachers simply relied on passive learning where students read and memorized information they were later tested on. Such

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Do TV Operating Systems Really Make A Huge Difference?

Are you a self-confessed television junkie who just happens to be clueless about which type of television can give you the best viewing experience? You’ve come to the right place, because today we will learn