How Gaming Technology is Evolving Incredibly in the 21st Century

Gaming has outlined the progress of the human mind to a parallel world offering simulation to live several lives at once. The dawn of the technology revolution has changed the gaming industry and taking inspiration from its primitive source or model. The experts trace back the evolution to earlier models serving as a platform or playground. Industry experts analyze the growth of popular game franchises to see how the future phase would pan out. The level of innovation in the gaming sector has blindfolded the reality and distance itself from what we all like to acknowledge as ‘truth’, and the path leading us to a familiar place called the future.

Gamer Desktop

Let’s talk about innovative practices carried out in the gaming industry to make progress at the root level and build a chain leading us from past-to-present and then, present-to-future. The gaming accessories offer a glimpse of what the future holds in store for us. Take the case of the best gaming mouse to come to terms with how the same body holds a renewed spirit and roaring to set it apart from the existing (Traditional) one.

“The gaming industry is changing the face of the entertainment sector, and young minds embrace it to take themselves out of the shadows, be it for casual entertainment or livelihood choice, and it’s a matter of time when the traditional form of entertainment has to co-exist with gaming”.

1. Virtual Reality: The End, Re-Birth and Recognition

Some technologies continue to plant the seeds to see when the soil is conducive, favorable. The delayed emergence of Virtual Reality (VR) has lost generations of artists to contribute to the world of art. Is gaming a part of the art world? Any form or means of public entertainment is a part of the art world. The soil, eventually, bore fruits with the resurgence of 3D technology in films and later on, in games.

The gaming sector is breaking creative boundaries set in place to offer content keeping the social intellect of the masses into account. The gaming industry has broken the mythical shield to have an immersive, engaging experience. Sometimes, we need to alter the dimensions to see how far we can go to see reality standing apart from truth. The 3D graphics enable gaming professionals to have a real-life experience while playing their favorite games.

2. Second Screen: Shifting between Parallel World, Mobility and Accessibility

Technology intertwines the fate of several industries. Who would have thought the popularity of smartphones and tablets serve massive favor to the gaming industry? Top brands have been relentlessly pursuing the second-screen space to offer gaming professionals an edge in terms of mobility, accessibility on different devices.

3. Open-Source Games: The Indie Spirit to Sweep Away

The revolution, in any industry, opens up the market for the masses. The number of low-budget or free mobile games in the market points towards the future of gaming. The open-source games have invited creative mindsets to test their determination and ambition to do something as far as game designing, and game budgeting goes. The developers aren’t the only ones throwing themselves into the infinite world of possibilities in the gaming sector. People from different walks of life with a passion for gaming has driven the next phase of mobile game development. The introduction of accessories such as the best gaming mouse offers gaming enthusiasts an opportunity to have their dedicated set-up.

4. Augmented Reality: The Reality of the Fantasy World

Point your smartphone towards the surrounding areas and start playing the downloaded version of the game. It’s the future of gaming. You interact with the surroundings differently. You see objects (People or characters depending on the theme of the game) running towards you. It builds a fantasy world in front of your eyes. Pokemon Go has convinced everybody of the kind of scope the technology holds in the coming years. One cannot stop gushing about the Pokemon Go.

“We’re talking about a futuristic concept. It doesn’t stop at smartphones”.

A wearable User Interface (UI) is another prospect. Take the case of eye-glasses. Isn’t it a step ahead of the smartphone? There is no need to hold the device in your hands and point towards the surroundings. Players find themselves inside the game and yet they exist in this world where the fun lies.

Wearable User Interface

5. Handheld Consoles: The New of the Old Era

Handheld consoles have been a source of fascination for gamers over the years. The concept has never died, and whenever we think it’s been a part of the past, it becomes back stronger. Take the example of Nintendo Switch. As mobile as smartphones and tablets are, there’s something unique about handheld gaming consoles. Handheld consoles are an integral part of the gaming evolution taking place. Both old and new players share an unbridled passion for these consoles. It’s always a welcoming change for players to skip the mobiles and focus on games alone.

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6. Cloud Gaming: Games for Accessibility, Games for Affordability

Cloud computing, along with mobile computing, has changed the face of computing. The improved Internet connectivity and stability have made cloud gaming a living reality. In the initial phase, it has brought radical changes to the world of gaming. We can expect a lot of disruptive steps shortly. We all are aware of how the music and movie industry has benefitted from streaming services. Applying the same formula to the gaming industry, you can expect to access games from the cloud soon.

The updates happen, and we feel like we’re living in the ’60s. Future gaming technology would require no updates on the part of gaming professionals. You can switch on the device, access the game, and start playing the updated version. What was the fuss once again? The accessibility and affordability aspect would attract hundreds of thousands of new players to the gaming world.

“The gaming industry continues to ride our hope into a new world where passion and talent would suffice to create a successful brand. The scarcity of resources or age-old rules wouldn’t stand in the way of those who are hell-bent on making the world a whole lot creative, beautiful”.

As a gaming professional, the future has already arrived. The current trends would lead us further towards exploring different aspects, fulfilling the potential of existing concepts. The Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Cloud Gaming would continue to innovate and offer new ways to have an immersive experience. The fascinating part of the evolving gaming technology is that old and new concepts appeal attractive to gamers in a similar fashion. Handheld consoles have disrupted the gaming industry for the better. The gaming industry has high hopes for wearable UI.

Our preference, as a player, would have a little influence when a new trend emerges and then, we would probably embrace realizing skills grow as a part to unlock the hidden potential with or without our permission. Evolution is the way to be good at something. The gaming world nurtures the creative, artistic quotient in all of us. We expect the gaming world and mainstream entertainment culture to meet at a commonplace. It’s only a matter of time before both cross the paths and leaves the desired impression upon each other.

This is a guest contribution by Greg, a long-time enthusiastic gamer. He started his career as a blogger, reviewing games, gaming consoles and usually works remotely while exploring the different cultures around the world. Presently he is touring South Korea exploring the famous gaming cafés there.

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