Great New Technology For Grandparents

The comes a time when we want to introduce our grandparents to the new technology that is evolving in our world, but it can often frighten them. Think about the Alexa commercial where the children send the grandmother a small Alexa device in order to communicate and see them. How would another grandparent(s) that are not accustomed to technology and have no desire to use it? But there are other forms of technology that do not have to be a smartphone that will help grandparents out.

Care Coordination

When we are the caregivers for grandparents, there can be a lot of revolving around their care. Such as who will cook, bathe, give medication, etc. A care coordination tool like CaringBridge can incorporate everyone who is caring for the elder and they can be informed as well. This technology also allows others who may be professional caregivers to also get on the same page when it comes to information and updates. CaringBridge, allows all caregivers to get reports and sign up for particular duties that day or during the week. The can is accessible through smartphones and web browsers.

Medication Management Devices

It has been recorded that elders 65+ typically take around five medications a day. Technical Medication systems help grandparents stay on track and can inform their caregivers when they have fallen off a bit. A few great medication technologies are:

  • CareZone that will buzz a phone when it’s time to take pills.
  • MedMinder is a digital pill dispenser that will be alert the grandparent when it’s time to take medication.
  • Reminder Rosie is a digital clock that can be programmed to say whatever the grandparent or caregiver wants.


The intro mentioned smart devices and grandparents. While some may adjust others can find the devices to be invading or too difficult. But there is a way that ease of access and can get grandparents socializing. Give grandCARE a try. Those that live by themselves or in-home facilities will appreciate the large touchscreen for video chats with family and friends, stay current on news, play their favorite games, and more. grandCARE includes other features such as medication prompts, sensor monitoring, and health recording. What better way for grandparents to still have their independence and have great technology in their hands.

grandCARE is not short of amazing, but GeriJoy is a renowned technology for socializing. This wonderful technology is often used by individuals with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s. GeriJoy comes with a touchscreen tablet that indicates a “talks” feature. This gives the owner the ability to tap the screen and the snoozing virtual dog or cat will become alert. The trained staff operates and speaks through the screen remotely and gives updates to family members that are far away when the health of the elder is concerned.

Help Safety Devices

Many have seen the Medic alert bracelets that can be pressed during an emergency to alert family members and professionals. Some companies such as GreatCall and MobileHelp have sensors that work outside of the home as well. Sensors like BeClose and Lively can be placed on objects grandparents use the most: the bed, medication container, the bathroom, or a front door. These sensors can alert a caregiver if the circumstance calls for it. For instance, you can be notified if your grandparent has taken their medication or made their coffee. Lively is an amazing device because it is a smartwatch! The watch includes a clock, a medication reminder, and PERS.

In Conclusion

There are several new and great technologies for grandparents on the market. Many are like Adrian Rubin who travels the world and is not always near their grandparents. Adrian’s grandparents would be in technology heaven because of their humanitarian, traveling, technological whiz of a grandchild. Since he has traveled to places like Greece, France, and Spain viewing new technologies and advancing the rich knowledge that he is learning, there is no doubt that he is an expert with new technologies.

This is a guest contribution by Adrian Rubin, a successful entrepreneur and a freelance writer for the tech, photography, and business industries. His years of expertise allowed him to provide high-quality content for his clients.

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