Otaku Fantasy

The Challenges Of Managing An Otaku Blog

When we’re passionate about our hobbies, and there are so many things we want to share with audiences who have the same interests, creating a blog seems like a satisfying activity. It’s where your restless

Thought Catalog

Blogging to Build Your Business

Why Blogging Helps Your Business Have you noticed all the business blogs out there?  Wondering if a business blog could help your business?  Yes, it can!  Business Blogging is an extremely effective form of inbound marketing

Better Blogger
Blogging Tips & Tricks

How To Be A Better Blogger: Use A Voice Recorder

Much like how article writers and book authors want to improve on their next output, bloggers need to be always on their toes so that their popularity doesn’t wane overnight. This involves a string of

Guest Blogging

3 Steps to Building Quality Backlinks Through Guest Blogging

For most small businesses, SEO is expensive. It takes time and dollars that many don’t have to spare, especially for an investment that yields a return roughly 3-5 months later (depending on the competitiveness of

Write Notes

7 Ways To Write An Irresistible Blog Post Intro

So you wrote a stunning blog post. Is your job done? Not yet. No matter how good your post is, there’s a chance that only a few persons are going to read it. These days

Top 10 Pinoy Tech Bloggers

Top 10 Pinoy Tech Bloggers by MoneyMax.PH

A couple of months back, I received an email from a representative of MoneyMax.PH informing me that my blog JaypeeOnline was selected as one of MoneyMax.PH’s Top Tech Blogs for 2015. They asked me to


12 Surefire Ways to Skyrocket Reader Engagement

Sometimes you spend hours researching, writing, and publishing a blog post, but still, it falls flat and doesn’t perform as you expected. This probably happens because you don’t know how to engage your readers’ brains

bloggys 2015
Blogging Internet

Bloggys 2015 – Philippine Blogging Awards

Found out last week that there’s a new and upcoming blog awards event that’s happening later this year. It’s called the Bloggys 2015 – Philippine Blogging Awards. This event is organized by Essays.ph, a content

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HowTo: Fix XML Parsing Error: Not Well-Formed Sitemap.xml

It really helps when you do routine maintenance checkups on your blog or website. While performing a checkup on JaypeeOnline earlier today, I was surprised to find out that the sitemap wasn’t working. Whenever I

baguio blog conference
Blogging Events

1st Baguio Blog Conference

As a Pinoy (Filipino) blogger, I’m very glad to see how blogging and the blogging community has immensely grown back home in the Philippines the past few years. In fact, I’m a bit jealous because