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’07 Philippine Blog Awards Results

I wasn’t able to attend the awards night so I had to wait until the official site of the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards displayed the results. Main Categories Best Personal Blog: Misteryosa Best Home &

Blogging Events

’07 Philippine Blog Awards Update

With only a few days left before the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards takes place, there are some updates that most of you might be interested in. Get your event tickets! Planning to attend the awards

Blogging Internet

What is a Tumbleblog?

A couple of days ago, I came across something new called a tumbleblog. It’s the first time for me to read or hear about it. So I did some research and this is what I

Blogging Events

’07 Philippine Blog Awards Finalist

When I first blogged about the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards, I did it to help promote the event. I had no idea that my blog would eventually be a part of it. As soon as

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Blogging Internet Hijacked by Scammers

Be careful with what blogs you visit. Google’s is reportedly being hijacked by scammers to spread malware through fake blogs. Security experts are calling this the “fake blog scam”. Blog hopping or surfing hasn’t

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Full versus Partial RSS Feeds

There’s been a long running debate on the use of full or partial feeds. Some bloggers believe that partial feeds is the best type of feed to use while others think the opposite and that

No Blog, No Sex

Wife to Hubby: “No Blog, No Sex!”

Now who’d have thought that blogging would get you laid? Hehe After numerous failed efforts to motivate her husband to start blogging on a regular basis, Gail has imposed a “No blog, no sex” rule

2000 bloggers project

2000 Bloggers Project

UPDATED: 02/07/07 I just recently joined Tino’s 2000 Bloggers Project. What is about? It’s Tino Buntic’s project on trying to gather and showcase 2000 Bloggers and their photos into one page. Interested in joining? There

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ABS-CBN Belittles Blogging?

ABS-CBN was supposed to include in their season ending episode a segment about Retz, a blogger who made almost real-time updates on the popular local show, Pinoy Big Brother. His blog provided the latest scoops,