How To Be A Better Blogger: Use A Voice Recorder

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Much like how article writers and book authors want to improve on their next output, bloggers need to be always on their toes so that their popularity doesn’t wane overnight. This involves a string of tips and tricks to make sure that they stay relevant for their followers. In this article, let us look at how a digital voice recorder can help bloggers become significantly better at what they are already doing.

A lot of bloggers have become famous because of their unique identities, whether they are into fashion, lifestyle, travel, tech, and inspiration. Unfortunately, maintaining this kind of online influence is easier said than done. For one, they need to establish their voice consistently, to make them easily identifiable with blog readers and online users.

Starting Out With An Idea

Whether it’s writing an irresistible blog post intro or creating the meat of the blog post, content generation is guided first by an idea. If the main idea or thought isn’t clear, you may find yourself staring at a blank screen and mindlessly typing about random stuff that may not necessarily attract your target audience.

Writing about something out of an experience may be simple, but sharing something that needs some research may be too big of a monster for you to conquer. Worse, there are days when you experience writer’s block, which may make you panic all the more.

Conventional writers have been accustomed to using pen and paper to write down their thoughts. But with the technology that we have now, using our own laptops and smartphones makes it easier to capture our thoughts and put them into words.

Helpful Ways To Expand Your Thoughts

It’s easy to write something that you have experienced. However, for topics and ideas where you have nil to minimum knowledge or experience, you may opt to go to a place where you can capture some ideas about the topic.

In terms of location, some bloggers like to stay in the park, some like to write by the beach, and others look for a quiet place where they can instantly extract creative thoughts.

Want to hear something out of the ordinary? A small device such as a voice recorder can actually help you improve your blogging skills.

The digital voice recorder is more popularly used to record interviews by journalists, or take notes on a lecture. In the same fashion, bloggers can also take advantage of this device by clearly speaking their minds whenever and wherever they may be.

This is where voice recorders come into play: these devices allow bloggers to take vocal notes of any idea that pops in their heads so that they can use the information for future writing.

Benefits of Using A Voice Recorder for Bloggers

Here are some advantages of using a voice recorder that may convince you to bring one on your next blogging session:

1. Record ideas that come out of the blue
Having the ability to record audio using a digital voice recorder has proven to be helpful for bloggers. For starters, you may capture thoughts that instantly come to your mind. You may speak out the ideas into the recorder and use the audio snippets as a base material for your latest blog.

2. Capture voice and audio that you can use on the blog
By merely looking at your surroundings, you can write about something so simple and yet be able to capture the hearts of your readers. Bringing a voice recorder allows you to capture ambient sounds or interview people on the street, all of which you can use to formulate ideas for your next blog post.
This may be especially helpful if you intend to insert a self-produced video on your blog or if you’re into video blogging. The audio clips that you capture on the voice recorder may be used for your video production needs.

3. Store more sound data and better sound quality than a smartphone
Some people may be using a built-in voice recorder on their smartphones, which may be convenient. However, if you want to capture much better audio recordings and store more sound clips on one device, you should consider buying a voice recorder for yourself.

When looking for the most suitable device for your needs, read a voice recorders review to get an idea about the best ones available on the market.

Tips To Best Use Your Voice Recorders for Blogging

If you want to increase your fan base as a blogger, never hesitate to use a digital voice recorder. This will not only make it easier for you to create something extraordinary for your readers, but it can also help you become a better blogger overall.

Here are some techniques to maximize your voice recorder for your blogging intentions:

  • Use a voice recorder of good quality. Choose a voice recorder that captures the sound effects and plays it back in a crisp clear definition. You may test some of the voice recorders in a nearby store so that you can check if the product creates a high-quality sound or badly muffled voices.
  • Look for a soundproof room. If you need to use a voice recorder to capture your own voice, stay in a place where there is less noise or where the ambient sounds are blocked off. You may either go to a soundproof room or acoustically controlled area or control the source of the noise in your surroundings (such as noisy friends or the humming sound of the heater).
  • Know the right distance from the sound source when recording. Remember to place your microphone within a comfortable distance that can capture audible sounds when playing back your recording.
  • Use a headphone to check the recording. During playback, wear a set of headphones or noise-canceling earphones to ensure that you are able to hear every single detail that is in the audio file.

A digital voice recorder is a helpful tool for a lot of people. By using this nifty device, bloggers can look forward to generating highly improved articles that showcase their individuality and attract their target niche.

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