1st Baguio Blog Conference

As a Pinoy (Filipino) blogger, I’m very glad to see how blogging and the blogging community has immensely grown back home in the Philippines the past few years. In fact, I’m a bit jealous because back when I was still in the Philippines, there weren’t any blogging events such as Wordcamp Philippines, iBlog: The Philippine Blogging Summit, regional events such as Cebu Blog Camp, Mindanao Bloggers Summit, Socksargen Blogfest, etc.

While browsing through Facebook this morning, I found out that the 1st Baguio Blog Conference will be held within a couple weeks’ time. Inspired by the success of the other blogging summits I’ve mentioned earlier, several local bloggers decided to organize the Baguio Blog Conference.

baguio blog conference
WHEN: May 19, 2012 Saturday @ 8:00 AM
WHERE: University of Baguio Square Hall

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Below are the objectives of the Baguio Blog Conference:

  • Formally convene the members of the Cordillera and North Luzon Blogging Community.
  • Share knowledge in Blogging as an aide in education, tourism and business.
  • Educate the Baguio and North Luzon business community with regards to the power of blogging as an advertising medium.
  • Learn from the Blogging experts on how to write an effective online article or blog post, as well as how to effectively promote the blogs and gain readers and followers.
  • Inspire Baguio and Cordillera people to promote their localities through blogging.


  • Janette Toral — digitalfilipino.com
  • Antonio Magno Caranzza Jr. — pusangkalye.net
  • Chyng Reyes — chyngreyes.com
  • Azrael Coladilla — azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com
  • Florencio Jusay Jr. — manualtolyf.info
  • Avelmar Manansala — gensantos.com

REGISTER HERE for the 1st Baguio Blog Conference

The local bloggers who are organizing the event are working with their own finances. To help make the event successful, they are looking for some financial assistance to help cover the expenses such as conference kits and food for participants and transportation for guest speakers. If you or your company would like to help, you can choose from one of the sponsorship packages listed below:


  • Co-Presentor: Php. 25,000.00
    (Major Billing in Event Posters and Banners, Sponsors’ Time, Press Releases and Radio Announcements, Video Commercials to be played during the event, blog posts from Cordillera Bloggers’ Network, Company Logo Post and Link from the Cordillera Bloggers Sites)
  • Major Sponsor: Php.15,000.00
    (Billing in Posters and Banners, Video Commercials to be played during the event, Blog Posts from Cordillera Bloggers, Company Logo Post and Link at the Cordillera Bloggers Site)
  • Minor Sponsor: Php. 10,000.00
    (Billing in Posters and Banners, Company Logo Post at the Cordillera Bloggers Site, )
  • Donor: Php. 5,000.00
    (Billing During the Event, Company Logo Post at the Cordillera Bloggers Site)

Wish I could attend but unfortunately, all I can do is help spread the word about the event. All the best to the event organizers, speakers and participants of the upcoming 1st Baguio Blog Conference.

Anyone here attending the Baguio Blog Conference? Do you know of any other upcoming local or regional blogging summit/conference in your area? Please share it with us.

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    1. @Joie – Yeah, they do. From what I heard, the event was a success.

      Btw, it’s weird that this comment got flagged as spam considering you’re a long time and regular commenter here. Anyways, good thing I checked my spam folder before I delete the comments so I was able to recover it. :D

  1. angelationgsonsays:

    I would atttend if they have real speakers… I don’t mean to sound hateful but the speaker are not real bloggers.

    I can tell by just looking @ their sites.. How can filipino bloggers learn from someone who does not even have a real blog?

    1. @angelationgson – Sorry but I have to disagree with you. As the saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover” – same goes for bloggers and their blogs. You can’t say that these people aren’t worthy speakers just because of the way their blogs look like or they don’t fit your criteria of a “real” blog.

      Btw, I’m interested to know what makes a blog or blogger “real”? Is it the software that they use? Is it the domain name? Is it the niche? Is it the amount of money they earn? Is it the amount of traffic they get?

  2. Thanks so much jaypee for the support. When we felt helpless you were there to motivate us. Thanks so much, we have a very big challenge ahead as May 19, 2012 is the time when Baguio City is silent since its already the semestral break for some Universities :-)

  3. Will you be attending? Would be honored to finally meet you.

    In any case, I’ve been invited as a speaker also. Can’t wait to meet the Cordillera bloggers… dami raw magaling na bloggers senyo. :D

    1. @Fitz – Unfortunately not. I’m just helping spreading the world about the event. But if I was in the Philippines, I’d definitely would attend the event and would be thrilled to meet the speakers and local bloggers.

      All the best to you, the rest of the speakers, the organizers and attendees!

  4. Create more noise in Facebook, Tweeter and other sns to generate more interest. I wish you all the best on your activity. Good luck on this event.

    1. @GensanBoy – I think the organizers are doing that as I found out about this event from a Facebook post. If you don’t mind, please help spread the word about this event to your friends and network. thanks!

    1. @Janette – Hello Ms Toral! You’re welcome! Glad I could help spread the word about this event. Btw, my apologies for the typo. I got lazy and just copy-pasted the list of speakers & their websites from the file that I received from the organizer. I’ve already updated it so it should be correct now. Thanks for the heads up! :D

      Btw, as much as I would like to be there I can’t since I’m based in the US, not in the Philippines.

  5. I’m from Baguio as well but have moved to Manila. May 19 is a Saturday so I’ll definitely be there. Been reading your blog lately and have subscribed to your RSS. Looking forward to your updates. Cheers.

    1. @Jack – that’s great! it means one more blogger will be there to attend & support this event. hope you guys have a great time at the conference.

      thanks for subscribing and commenting on the blog posts!

  6. I’m from Baguio and most of my blogger friends have relocated to Manila. :P

    It would be interesting to see how many folks will attend. Most likely the University of Baguio required some of their students to go. hehe

    1. @matt – good to meet one of the local Baguio bloggers. maybe this blog conference will be an excuse/opportunity to invite your friends to go back and visit Baguio? anyways, if they can’t come, what’s important is that you and the other bloggers who are still in the area attend and support this event, right? if the University of Baguio will require their students to attend, then it would be better. :D

      1. Hello sir jaypee,

        Thanks so much for supporting the first Baguio Blog Conference, we were so moved by the overwhelming support coming from fellow bloggers. We hope that this event will be the first of many!

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