Wi-Fi Direct: Bluetooth Killer?

The Wi-Fi Alliance has recently launched a new technology called Wi-Fi Direct that will enable electronic devices and gadgets to communicate and connect to each other without the need of a network or network access

india tablet pc
Gadgets Technology

India Unveils $35 Tablet PC

India recently unveiled a prototype of a $35 touchscreen tablet computer which they plan to mass-produce next year. The total cost? $35. The tablet pc will run on Linux, has no internal storage but can

Freeware Technology

Connectify + Windows 7 Laptop = WiFi Hotspot

One of the wireless sharing tools that Windows 7 was supposed to have was the ability to turn any computer running Windows 7 into a WiFi hotspot. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t include that feature in the

ie 6 funeral
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Internet Explorer 6 “Funeral” Today

A memorial service will be held later today in Denver, Colorado for Internet Explorer 6 also known as IE6. According to a spokesperson of Aten Design Group, the company sponsoring the event – this mock

square mobile payments
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Square Mobile Payment System

This week, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey will be launching his new startup called Square, which is a mobile payment system that allows merchants and individuals to do business or process credit card transactions by using

google chrome os
Internet Technology

What is Google Chrome OS?

I had some people ask me what Google Chrome OS is so I decided to blog about it here and share it with those of you who also don’t know what it is or how

best inventions 2009

50 Best Inventions of 2009

Last year, I blogged about Time Magazine’s 50 Best Inventions of 2008. Because this was an annual thing for Time Magazine, I decided to do it again this year and blog about the 50 Best

nokia ovi
Proudly Pinoy Technology

Filipino Bloggers Promote Ovi by Nokia

While browsing the web the other day, I came across this cool promo video featuring some Filipino bloggers promoting Ovi, Nokia’s Internet services. For those who are not familiar with what Ovi by Nokia is

google wave
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What is Google Wave?

Early this year, the Google I/O Developer Conference was held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. During day 2 of the event, Google surprised everybody by presenting a new product for real-time communication and

future vision montage

Microsoft’s Vision 2019 & Future Vision Montage

Microsoft has consistently been one of the top innovators in technology in the past years. To be an innovator, it requires or involves a lot of ideas, concepts and visions and Microsoft Office Labs is