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Looking to make extra income from your blog by selling your knowledge, articles, your own products, or plr (private label rights) items like e-books or software? You can do all that by charging your visitors for accessing your special blog posts and product pages with this free WordPress plugin I’m sharing with you today.

LockPress is a free WordPress plugin, created by a small company called Two Enough that lets you “lock” certain areas of your blog like posts and pages, and charge users for access to those areas. Here’s a short introduction from the LockPress product page:

Free WordPress plugin to charge your visitors for accessing blog posts and pages. With LockPress you can easily earn side income by selling articles, your knowledge, your own products or MRR/PLR items (ebooks, software, etc) and even run a membership site. The possibilities are endless. You will get the payments directly to your PayPal account and you can set the flat or recurring fee items.


  • “Lock” a post or a page (or a part of it) in WordPress blog. To see that item your visitor will have to pay a fee you set.
  • You can charge visitors with a flat or recurring fee.
  • Easy templates edit — change the appearance of the locked post, purchase page etc.
  • Your visitors will pay directly to your PayPal account — you will only need to put your PayPal-attached email to the install settings.
  • Lock-code generator will help you to create a code to put to your posts/pages so they are unavailable before a fee is payed.
  • You can create item groups — by generating specific code and putting it to multiple posts/pages of your install you can charge your visitor once and allow access to all the items of a group. For example you can lock a whole category this way — once any post is payed rest items of the group will be unlocked for the user.

LockPress WordPress Plugin

Lock Combination Generator
LockPress WordPress Plugin

LockPress WordPress Plugin

LockPress WordPress Plugin

My Take:
LockPress is a useful plugin if you want to earn extra income from your blog by selling some of your “special” articles or some products from your blog. Unlike most plugins that offer the same type of features, LockPress is FREE and lets you receive payments conveniently via PayPal.

From what I’ve read from the product page and manual, LockPress is pretty easy to setup and configure, the process usually takes less than 5 minutes. All you need to do is download the plugin, upload it to your wp-content/plugins folder, activate the plugin from your WordPress dashboard. To activate LockPress, you’ll have to fill out a form from the Two Enough site. Once you’re done with it, you will receive an activation code on your email address, use that code to activate the plugin.

For further details on how lock a post/page or how to customize your install, visit the LockPress manual page.

I haven’t tried LockPress myself because I don’t have any products to sell yet but it might come in handy one of these days so I’m keeping it for future use.

Find out more about the LockPress WordPress Plugin.

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  1. THis is a good plugin. However this functionality is already available thru CPALead and its even better… You can choose between paypal or completing surveys to unlock contents…

  2. It’s a cool plugin. Many bloggers who can’t put together an eBook just yet can use this plugin right away to generate more income from their featured posts.

    I’m surprised the plugin authors have released this plugin for free. Big props to them!

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