Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox Review & Giveaway

facebook page promoter lightbox


Now that I’ve gone back to blogging, I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve JaypeeOnline in terms of content and user experience as well as finding ways to get more exposure.

After updating the Facebook Social Plugin widget to the new Page Plugin widget, I decided that it wasn’t enough and that I needed to find a way to get more likes on Facebook. So I went to the official WordPress plugin repository to look for one that allowed me to display a small pop-up window asking readers/visitors to Like the JaypeeOnline Facebook page.

After going through the different available plugins, I decided to go with the Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox by Arevico. I chose this plugin because it had a good rating (average of 4.5 stars out of 5) and had 30,000+ active installs which mean a lot of people use it and like it. I’ve already installed the plugin here and if you’ve visited the site in the past few days, you would’ve noticed it already.


  • Facebook page is needed
  • Display the facebook lightbox onload with or without a delay
  • Limit the lightbox to once every x days per individual visitors
  • Promote your Facebook Fanpage, leverage current website traffic
  • No api key needed (works with iframe, premium version uses the api and requires a key)

facebook page promoter lightbox

facebook page promoter lightbox

facebook page promoter lightbox

facebook page promoter lightbox

facebook page promoter lightbox

The Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox plugin for WordPress is available for FREE from the official WordPress plugin repository but there’s a premium version available that offers additional features.


  • Exclude mobile users
  • Hide when like-button is clicked (cookies)
  • Option to show only to visitors from Facebook or Search Engines
  • Option to show not to visitors from Facebook, Search engines or referless visitors
  • Customizeable message, colors, background image or color and popup size


  • PHP 5 or higher
  • Facebook Fanpage or Group
  • Javascript enabled

Check out the video below on how to install the Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox plugin.

Installing the Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox plugin is very easy and so is the configuration. After you activate the plugin, just head over to Dashboard > Arevico Settings. Btw, you can change the settings location by checking the option Submenu – Show this menu under ‘Settings’. If you do that, you’ll access it via Dashboard > Settings > Arevico Settings. This is a nice feature for those who don’t want to have too many Main Menu options.

The General settings are for the basic functions of the plugin, Style is for customizing the appearance of the pop-up window, Advanced is for those who use the Facebook App and Misc is for additional features.

Some of the settings are straight forward and don’t need an explanation but the recommended settings for Delay should be more than 4000 (4 seconds) to give time for the reader to check out the site before the pop-up appears and Show Once Every should be 7 (days) so that regular reader, returning visitors and folks who’ve already liked the Facebook Page won’t get annoyed by the pop-up.

If you don’t have the Facebook Fanpage ID, you can visit this page to retrieve it. If you’re having issues or have questions regarding the installation, configuration or encounter some issues, you can check out the FAQ section in the plugin repository page or you can send an email to [email protected].

The author of the plugin – Friso Kluitenberg was kind enough to provide me a license for the premium version which I used for this review as well as 3 other licenses to give away to our readers and visitors. The Premium version of the plugin costs $28.97 and with this giveaway, you get a chance to win one. To join, just use the giveaway widget below.

Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox Premium Giveaway

Contest starts as soon as this post is published and ends on June 15, 2015, . The winning entries will be selected using Random.org’s List Randomizer and will be announced the following day, June 16, 2015.

Join now and get a chance to win 1 of 3 premium licenses for the Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox plugin. Use it to promote your blog or website’s Facebook Page and keep your regular readers and visitors up-to-date.

Download the FREE version or Buy the PREMIUM version of Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox.

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