8 Photography Trends to Watch In 2018

Photography has kept on advancing over the years with exciting changes. D. Scott Carruthers, an expert in photography, has been researching on the photography patterns expected in 2018. Changes in photography will ensure growth in different trends. Read on to see the top 8 trends that you should expect in that year.

Growth Of Video Sharing

With the majority of clients enjoying interactive content, there will be significant growth in the video marketing and sharing in 2018. Videos get viewed mostly and receive many likes and comments on social media. Human beings are visual creatures and tend to get attracted to what they see more than what they hear. Many tools come with assistant software to give lighting effects that fit preferences when doing tropical shoots. There will be many possibilities to create different results in the technological world.


Commercial photography is expected to grow in 2018. Currently, the field is not well developed. It is why many photographers are not so confident when venturing into the area of commercial photography. The trend is expected to grow with the majority of companies shifting their photography patterns to be more appealing to clients by the use of unedited versions. It promotes authenticity in brand communication.

Growth Of Young Photographers

There is an increase in the use of technology to get to know where people connect. More significantly, there are forums where photographers meet and share ideas for growth. It creates a shoulder to lean on for young photographers. Also, the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have the information needed to take young photographers to the next level. They can edit videos using camera apps available on smartphones.

Growth In The Use Of Colors

In 2018, you expect to see an increase of vintage styled photos thanks to filters that will be on apps such as Instagram. Colors will be a vibrant reality. The will be the use of colors that point towards the future of original photography. Bold color combinations will get designed to create interest and excitement for the viewers. Also, black and white photography will create timeless photographs. The trend had been in existence for a while but is expected to grow further by 2018. The addition of 3D to white texture will also reflect a pattern similar to nature with a neutral background.

Real Imagery With Natural Design

More photographers in 2018 are expected to produce images that don’t have to get adjusted by editing. Photos that get filtered make many people feel that they don’t meet the required standards, and they need editing to be of better quality. Photographers are investing in high-quality equipment that will give good raw photos that don’t need to get passed through apps for filtering. There will also be an increase in the use of natural designs such as marble swirls and tree rings, giving photos a more natural and authentic design.

More Paths For Creativity

2018 is expected to get filled with creative pieces from photographers. New technologies have created many opportunities that photographers can utilize. The world is getting more connected with many people borrowing and sharing ideas from across the globe. The networking of photographers is broadening as content creators capture scenes and share with a broader audience. This trend will offer young photographers expert assistance more than ever before. Many photos in 2018 will incorporate the emotions and movements of the audience regarding the issues noted.

Better, Not Bigger Cameras

Many photographers venture into photography thinking that having a big camera means high-quality photos. Better cameras are vital in ensuring a successful career in photography. In 2018, cameras are expected to be smaller but so powerful compared to the types that are available. It is a convenient solution as it will be much easier and comfortable to carry them around. With many people documenting their trips to keep memories of the adventures, this trend is expected to grow with many people wanting to explore unique areas that are not so popular.

Fine Art Photography

Fine artists put in a lot of effort to come up with an incredible craft. It is an area that is increasingly becoming popular among clients. Digital cameras are getting advanced with many people growing in creativity by adding dramatic twists when sharing messages. The images can get uploaded immediately on social media platforms such as Facebook. The relevance of trade shows is becoming less meaningful. When looking into the future, there will come a time when there will be no shows for photographers. There are free resources online leaving people with no reasons to take part in trade shows.

This is a guest contribution by D. Scott Carruthers, a gifted photographer who has practiced photography for more than 10 years. He has championed initiatives aimed at mentoring upcoming photographers to become better at executing ideas. Photography is a field that attracts many people due to their interest in creating memories.

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