Qirina – Keyword Analysis and Comparison Engine

Qirina Keyword Analysis and Comparison Engine

Today, I wanna share something to those of you who are into SEO – Search Engine Optimization, especially those who are looking into keyword comparison and keyword analysis. I know there are lots of SEO and keyword tools out there like the Google Adwords Keyword Tool or the Free Keyword Tool but I’m sure it won’t hurt and you won’t mind having another tool to use, right?

Qirina is a keyword analysis and comparison engine that can be used to review a website’s on-site SEO. It can also be used to compare a website’s data with that of competitor’s sites and also for finding other websites that belong to a particular niche.

Here’s what they have on their About page:

Qirina is not a search engine, and will not compete against Google. Instead, we are creating a lexicographical map of the web space which will show you where sites lie in relation to each other in the matrix consisting of keywords, which we call the keyspace.

How does this benefit you? By having access to a map based on the relations between sites in the keyspace, you will find relevant sites more quickly, and understand the dynamics of keyword-based traffic. Site owners benefit, too. They will understand better the position of their sites in the keyspace, as seen from the perspective of a search engine, and spot obvious SEO shortcomings for the first time. They will also know where to build on strengths.

How does Qirina work?

Qirina extracts relational keywords and tags from a website and uses it to create a keyword map of the web. Qirina determines a website’s niche by scanning the front page and looks at the keywords, then compares it with other sites in the Qirina database.

Screenshot of Qirina’s results for JaypeeOnline:

To use Qirina, just enter a specific keyword or domain. For keyword searches, Qirina will display the Relevant keys and Related sites while for domain searches, Qirina will display the website Title, Probable niche, Niche keys, Summary, Key keywords, Key phrases, Domain name keywords and Stats.

  • Website title – self explanatory.
  • Probable niche – website niche according to Qirina’s keyword analysis
  • Niche keys – keywords that are associated with the website’s probably niche
  • Summary – summary of the different statistics gathered by Qirina on that specific website
  • Key keywords – dominant keywords for that specific website
  • Key phrases – dominant phrases for that specific website
  • Domain name keywords – significant keywords found in the website’s domain name
  • Stats – different stats

Qirina has great potential to be a very good and useful SEO evaluation tool. However, the Qirina database is still very limited at the moment as searches for popular keywords like make money online, blogging tips and search engine optimization only list a few websites or doesn’t even show the popular blogs for that particular niche or keyword. But then, Qirina is still in beta testing so there’s still some things being worked on and still more space for improvement.

Btw, if you try to search your domain on Qirina and it isn’t yet indexed or just simply want your website to added to Qirina’s database, all you need to do is visit this link and add your site.

Anyone tried Qirina? Was Qirina accurate in analyzing your website’s niche, keywords and other SEO data? What are the tools you use for SEO, specifically for keyword analysis and comparison? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. This is the first that I have heard of this tool, and I like it. One thing that I noticed was that when I put in my domain, it brought up not just keywords, but also a list of “neighbors” which appears to be a list of similar websites.

    This could be great for networking & linkbuilding as well.

    There is also a function that allows you to get your site re-crawled so you look at your current data. Very nice!

    Thanks :)

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