Watch Both Sides: WordPress SEO – With or Without

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Digital marketing and SEO seems to be riding high on the boom sentiment. As a result, every website owner is compelled to think about SEO when creating one. A lot of us are well aware of the fact that optimizing the site for search engines is a brilliant way to generate adequate traffic in no time. But have you wondered is it the only means available to increase search results? Probably not! It’s time to get the best of both worlds.

Side #1- WordPress without SEO

SEO rules today’s online world, but that doesn’t mean it’s a cookie-cutter solution to increase WordPress website traffic. I mean even if your website is properly optimized, you can still get a lot of traffic from other channels. And it seems great because whatever way you choose with or without, you will get a positive outcome. Apart from this, you can even consider using these channels to keep your website up and running unless you don’t receive organic traffic. For example. Create different opportunities for social media sharing and link building; this will definitely speed up the search engine optimization process.

Further below I would like to emphasize a few interesting ways to drive website traffic without SEO.

1. Social Media Traffic – We all know what social media is but what we don’t understand is how it can drive website traffic. Do you what the best thing about these platforms is? Your website doesn’t need to be SEO-friendly at all. However, Google revealed a few years back that social activities do not affect your website rankings, but actually, they do. Google praises those websites where visitors come through social media channels. So what exactly can be done is, don’t go for thousands of social media followers instead consider those people who follow you without missing even a post. Other than this:

  • Include your website links on profiles
  • Keep monitoring the stats at regular intervals
  • Consider doing ads to grow social presence
  • Keep updating your social media pages with quality contents
  • Use appealing images and videos on your posts

2. Guest Blogging – Being one of the most conventional and effective methods, guest blogging not just drives adequate website traffic but also aids in gaining valuable links. All you require doing is to have attention-grabbing headlines and content. Further, I would like to mention some crucial steps that must be taken to formulate the best guest blogging strategy.

  • Come up with a list blogs in your niche that you would like to target
  • Think of adding a backlink especially from a higher DA website
  • Come up with interesting titles, consider the obsessions and needs of those readers
  • Pitch ideas to numerous editors and get your post published organically
  • Keep your guest post well-intriguing and well-crafted featuring a link back to your website

3. Do Interviews – Have you heard of the term video guest posts? It’s more like you are interviewing someone and expecting viewers to share as much as they can. It’s basically a win-win situation for both: the interviewer and one being interviewed.

  • For interviewed – One of the obvious reason is that it sends traffic. Other than this, it established you as an authority in your own niche. I mean think of this, why would anyone waste their time interviewing someone who isn’t that important? Do you know why? Because here you will be seen as an authority; those people who come to check out your blog or website will be more likely to stick around and come back.
  • For interviewer – If you are interviewing someone it means you will become an authority by association. People will think of you as an important personality as well.

Side #2- WordPress with SEO

Do you think the grass is greener on the other side, let’s find out! Before we move any further, I just want to remind you that not all the traffic on your website is equal. If you wish for high-quality web traffic, you must think of SEO. Creating a WordPress website is like a jigsaw puzzle, where SEO is one of those pieces that complete a puzzle quickly. Well, that doesn’t mean your website is incomplete without SEO; it lacks in multiple areas it could be excelling in.

You will come across numerous SEO plugins that act as a magical for those non-techies who find HTACCESS files and robots.txt files as a pure mystery. If you consider yourself as a risk-averse and don’t want to experiment with alternatives, choosing these down below mentioned SEO plugins for your WordPress Website is a wise decision.

1. All-in-One SEO Pack – The plugin aims to help in generating more traffic as well as making your WordPress website show up better in search engine results. After installing the plugin automatically creates search engine friendly META tags, reformats URLs and gets the best results from search engines. You will be able to:

  • Duplicate content issues that might affect your rankings
  • Override any title tags
  • Set META description & META Keywords

2. Yoast SEO – This one is my favorite WordPress SEO plugin! Combined with an extensive collection of search engine optimization tools, Yoast SEO allows one to add META tags, breadcrumb navigation, and XML sitemap. In addition to this, if you wish to tighten up the content or optimizes websites for social media pages, the plugin is the best alternative to think of other than an all-in-one SEO pack.

3. Google Sitemap Generator – As the name implies, this plugin, in particular, adds special XML sitemaps which enables your entire site structure to be easily read and indexed by search engine crawlers. As a result, your website becomes easily visible on premium search engines like Google, Bing,, Yahoo, etc. All you require to do is set up Google Sitemap Generator is plug-and-play operation and activate it!


There are thousands of ways to drive a WordPress website traffic. All you have to think of is which way to choose depending on the situation. I assure you that all the aforementioned ways are tried and tested and will always give you a decent amount of traffic to your websites. So I wish you all the very best!

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