CMS Driven Websites – 10 SEO Considerations

Search Engine Optimization

As an owner of a CMS website, Search Engine Optimization is a continuous draw of your attention. Itís highly advised that you constantly assess, re-evaluate, and redefine your practices to keep up with the current trends and guidelines set by the search engine giants, so your website stays ahead of the competition.

In this article, weíll be exploring ten of the most important considerations and tools that you should be aware of and use, helping your CMS website to stay ahead of the game, maximizing your opportunities for success.

Use SEO Themes

If your website is using a theme thatís heavy on code and full of features, search engines will find it hard to wade through all the code to find the relevant information that they need to rank your website. The more coding that your theme has, the less content your site will have, and therefore the lower the keyword density. Always optimize your themes where possible.

XML Sitemaps

This is an extremely easy task if youíre using hosting platforms such as WordPress or website plugins such as Google XML Sitemaps. XML sitemaps make it incredibly easy for search engines to rate your website, allowing you to move higher up the results page.

Consider Image Names

Unknown to many people, search engines, in particular, Google, will rate the text, titles, and size of the images on your website. It will also rate how relevant the images are to the content written in your posts. If youíre writing about headphones. Instead of calling your picture DSC3835.jpg, ensure you call it Headphones.jpg. To make this task easier, there is a tonne of online services, such as Internet Marketing Ninjas, that can source and display all your images and all the information, making it a lot easier for you to edit the titles.

The Importance of Content

As a CMS website, the most important aspect of your website is your content. By including relevant keywords in your high-quality content posts and articles, search engines are going to award your page with a higher ranking. However, be aware that you should be writing for your readers, not for the search engines. Content should be easy to read and contain excellent sentence structure. You can use an online tool, such as Big Assignments, to improve the readability of your articles. Alternatively, you can use online tools, such as Academized or Academadvisor to create search engine optimised content.

By including and exchanging relevant backlinks with high-authority websites, search engines are going to rate your pages higher in conjunction with these already high-ranking websites. Itís imperative that you remember that any backlinks MUST be relevant to the content youíre posting and youíll want to remember not to overuse this technique.

When creating your permalinks, ensure they are short and relevant to the page itself. For example, referring to the headphones website, instead of your permalink being ëí, use ëí. Google wonít count anything after the first four words of your permalink so use tools, such as State of Writing or Oxessays to ensure you stay below this limit.

Optimise Your Content

As mentioned above, content is the most important aspect of SEO for your website. Always ensure, before posting, that you make it the best it can be. This means editing and improving readability. There is a wealth of online editing services, such as Eliteassignmenthelp or Write my essay that will save you time and ensure the content is edited properly. Likewise, online plugins, such as Yoast, will ensure that the content is as optimised as possible.

Avoid Flash

Search engines wonít pick up Flash or rate it for SEO. Itís also not compatible with a range of mobile devices, so itís best avoided at all costs.

Utilise Social Media Networks

Use your websiteís social media pages to your advantage. Not only does this mean sharing your own posts on your pages but others as well. If youíre partnered with any websites, share their content when it is relevant to your site. Reciprocation is one of the leading practices that will help boost your SEO rating as well as helping you to become an authoritative page in your chosen field. Using tools like Wordstream or Dissertation services you can optimise your social media pages as well as effectively controlling your advertising campaigns.

Be Honest

Finally, one of the most important techniques you should consider using is just being plain honest with your SEO practices. If you are or consider using mirror HTML sites or what is commonly referred to as ëblack hatí techniques, search engines will find out and they will punish you through your site SEO ranking. This can seriously harm your reputation as a website and can take years to redeem your search engine ranking.

These are just a few SEO ranking tips to get you started. There are countless considerations you should be aware of to make your site the best it can be, over 200 guidelines in total. BY constantly working on your SEO ranking to meet these guidelines, you can be sure to reach the maximum audience possible, leading your business to a new level of success and profit.

This is a guest contribution by Gloria Kopp, a digital marketer and a content writer at Resumention. Besides, she is a regular contributor to such websites as Engadget, Huffingtonpost etc.

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