Last week, Wibiya released a few new apps for the Wibiya Toolbar which I’m sure Facebook and LinkedIn users would find useful. The news apps include two new Facebook apps – Facebook User Profile & Facebook Groups and a new LinkedIn app.

The Facebook User Profile app enables the user to connect their Facebook profile to their website/blog, allowing visitors to view their recent activity and befriend them on Facebook without having to leave the website/blog. This app will also display all public news feeds and comments.

Facebook User Profile App
Wibiya Facebook User Profile App

The other Facebook app – Facebook Groups, allows the user to connect their website to an existing Facebook Group page directly from the Wibiya Toolbar. This app enables visitors to become members of the group, view latest activity on the group wall, see other group members and write messages on the Group wall without having to leave the website/blog.

Facebok Groups App
Wibiya Facebook Groups App

The new LinkedIn app enables the user to connect their LinkedIn account to their website/blog. Other LinkedIn users who visit your website will be able to view your LinkedIn profile and request to join your network. This app also enables users to leave virtual business cards, view other users that leave business cards and even update their LinkedIn status right from the toolbar.

LinkedIn App
Wibiya LinkedIn App

Aside from those apps, Wibiya also announced a new app earlier today called User Bookmarks. This new cool and very handy app was designed to improve website content accessibility. The User Bookmarks app enables visitors to quickly and easily create bookmarks to specific posts/pages and save those links for later access. This app also allows visitors to share those bookmarks to any social network they choose – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Btw, these user created bookmarks can be accessed from any website that has the Wibiya Toolbar and the User Bookmarks app installed.

User Bookmarks App
Wibiya User Bookmarks AppWibiya User Bookmarks App

Wibiya User Bookmarks App

Wibiya User Bookmarks App

I’m sure some of you guys will find these new Wibiya apps useful for your website or blog. For me, I didn’t install the Facebook User Profile and Facebook Groups apps because I already have the Facebook Fan Page and Facebook Community apps which are more than enough. I wanted to install and try the LinkedIn app but couldn’t because I’m only using the free version and there’s a limit to the number of apps that can be installed on the toolbar. The only new app that I was able to install was the User Bookmarks app (it’s the one with the red bookmark icon on the left side of the toolbar). Hope this app improves your browsing experience here on JaypeeOnline.

Anyone here using Wibiya Toolbar? Who among you have installed and tried the new Wibiya apps – Facebook User Profile, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn and User Bookmarks? Which app do you like the most? Please share your thoughts.

[image source: Wibiya]

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