wibiya new dashboard

New Wibiya Dashboard

Wibiya has recently launched a new dashboard design and layout for all Wibiya Toolbar users. The new design and layout enables users to easily see the activity and user engagement on their toolbar – who’s

wibiya toolbar
Social Media Social Networks

Wibiya Social Connect Application

Last time, I shared with you Wibiya Toolbar’s new app called Express Affiliate Links Application which automatically converts all of your blog links into affiliate links, helping you earn more money from your blog. Today,

wibiya toolbar

Wibiya Adds Express Affiliate Links Application

If you have the Wibiya Toolbar installed on your blog, website or forum and would like to earn extra money from it, then you’ll most probably like the newest addition to the Wibiya Toolbar apps.

blog updates

Blog Updates 08.09

It’s been a while since I last published a blog update. The last one was in March and since that time, there’s been a lot of changes made to the blog. For those of you

wibiya toolbar

Wibiya Toolbar

Last week, I installed a toolbar here on JaypeeOnline, its the toolbar located at the bottom of each page. Some of you might have noticed it already and some have even asked me about it,