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Wibiya Toolbar

If you have the Wibiya Toolbar installed on your blog, website or forum and would like to earn extra money from it, then you’ll most probably like the newest addition to the Wibiya Toolbar apps. This new application is called the Express Affiliate Links Application.

What is the Express Affiliate Links Application?

The Express Affiliated Links application takes all the existing links on your site and automatically converts them into affiliate links. This makes it possible for you to earn money from all the links on your site, including links placed there by your users.

What does the Express Affiliate Links Application do?

  • Convert all your links to affiliate links automatically — no hassle, no headache
  • Save up lots of real-estate by using the Wibiya web toolbar for the application
  • Make money as an affiliate from website’s you’re already sending traffic to
  • Track your earnings with your own dashboard


Wibiya Toolbar

Wibiya Toolbar

The Express Affiliate Links Application is simple and easy to use. It doesn’t require the user to edit existing links or do any site changes. Use and keep your existing links. Once the web application is installed, it will automatically convert links to an affiliate link by adding an affiliate URL. Users earn money every time a referred user purchases something from the site you referred them to. Users can also keep track of their affiliate earnings and real-time stats via the Wibiya Dashboard.

If you’re worried about this new feature messing up your existing affiliate links, don’t be. Wibiya assures users that all existing outgoing links are tagged accordingly to their affiliate link equivalents, automatically and transparently. The Express Affiliate Links Application won’t interfere with any existing revenue sources and all personalized affiliate links will remain untouched. Publishers or users, get to keep 70% of all earnings.

To install the Express Affiliate Link Application, all you need to do is login to your Wibiya Dashboard. Once there, click on Add Applications then click on the Earn Money category and you’ll see the Express Affiliate Links app. Click Install and the app will be added to your Wibiya Toolbar.

I’ve reinstalled the Wibiya Toolbar here on JaypeeOnline not because of the Express Affiliate Links Application but because I want to see if it can help boost traffic, decrease the bounce rate and promote reader/user interaction in the blog. Since I have the Wibiya Toolbar back, I might give this new application a try one of these days and see if it will help me earn extra income.

If you’re a regular reader/visitor here on JaypeeOnline, I’d like to know what you think of the Wibiya Toolbar. Is it effective? Does it help make the blog more interactive? Thanks!

Anyone else using the Wibiya Toolbar on their blog/website? Anyone tried the new Express Affiliate Link Application? Please share your thoughts.

This post may contain affiliate links that allow us to earn commissions at no additional cost to you. We are reader-supported so when you buy through the affiliate links, you are also helping or supporting us. 


  1. I was puzzled when I received a payment from Webiya (then Googled it and Wibiya is the closest organization I could think of) since I installed it on my blog several months ago and it makes sense that they’d send me a dollar if I installed this app for several weeks or maybe a month I’m not sure. haha

  2. @Julie – You’re welcome! I think what you should do is try out the free version first and if you like, then go ahead and get the Pro version.

    Btw, before you install the Express Affiliate Links app, make sure you backup your posts and comments coz one of the commenters mentioned that the app messed up all the links on his site. Better safe than sorry! :)

  3. I just installed the Wibiya toolbar a week or so ago on my website, and I think I really like it! I just today signed up for the Express Affiliate Links, so I don’t have any experience yet. Will be anxious to see what it does.

    I enjoyed using the Wibiya toolbar on another site, and decided I wanted it on my own. Thinking a little about upgrading to the Pro version, but haven’t made up my mind yet.

    Thanks for the informative post!


  4. @Charles – Really? I’m sorry I can’t help you with this even if I wanted to coz I haven’t tried it myself. Like I said earlier, you need to contact the Wibiya team and tell them about it.

  5. No I could not fix it the old links are still like this and some of the new links I make are like that too. I removed the app but something is still changing my links, and I can’t find what it is.

  6. @Charles – Sorry to hear about that. Have you been able to fix your site? I’m sure if you ask the Wibiya staff for help, they’ll be more than willing to do so.

  7. I tried this and the thing messed up all my links on my site. It also made some of my flash content stop working. I removed this and did not help. I would not use this again. And my site is still messed up

  8. @John – I haven’t been able to try this out on my blog so I can’t really say. You can check out the Wibiya site or ask them about it. You’re welcome and thanks for dropping by! :)

  9. I have being using it for the past few weeks. I just installed this application. Should this show on my toolbar? as I can’t see it or is it a premium members ad on?. My blog is quite new so I haven’t received feedback as of yet. I am including it as a tool in a list I’m creating. thanks for the post also

  10. @Moran – Thanks for taking the time to stop by and share some information about the Wibiya Toolbar. Wish you guys all the best and hope that you keep on improving it. :D

  11. Thanks for your great post on the Wibiya web toolbar and one of its most recent applications. Since we’ve introduced the Express Affiliate Links application many users have installed it and have been enjoying this service, in addition to many more, and we’ll continue updating our offering so you’re also welcome to send us your ideas at [email protected].

    To Kimwell, please visit our support center, where there is a short explanation on how to avoid affecting your site upload speed. The toolbar is very lightweight and can be instructed to load only after the rest of your content, so it doesn’t affect the upload speed.
    You can also contact us at [email protected], for more explanations of this feature.

    Hope this helps!
    Moran Matyash
    Wibiya Community Manager

  12. @DiTesco – Really? I’m glad I could share something “new” to you especially since you’re the type of person who’s all over the Internet and always up-to-date. :D

    No, I’m not using this feature yet on my Wibiya Toolbar. Will have to read more about it before I try it.

  13. This is interesting and to be honest yet again the first time I have heard about it. You do keep me constantly busy and this one goes to my awesome “do it now” file :) Are you actually using this feature from Wibiya? How’s it going?

  14. @Kimwell – I have a love/hate relationship with the Wibiya Toolbar. I love it because of what it does and provides to my blog but hates that it adds significant amount of time to page loads. :(

  15. I have used the Wibiya Toolbar on my site as well but I decided to remove it since I feel like its kind of affecting the overall speed of my site.. :)

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