Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta w/ Facebook Chat Support

Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta

Good news for avid Yahoo! Messenger and Facebook users! Yahoo has recently released Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta to the public which, aside from the usual features (instant messaging, text, voice and video calls) allows users to play social games, manage multiple social network accounts and chat with Facebook friends.

With Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta, users will be able to play social games from Zynga, Elex and OMGPOP like Balloono, Pool, Happy Harvest, Happy Manor and popular Facebook games Fishville and Mafia Wars with their friends. Users can also share game activities and play-status so friends can join their games and vice versa.

Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta

Yahoo! Messenger 11 also enables users to manage their social networks directly from the IM client. Users can view, comment, like and post updates on multiple social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Yahoo! Pulse, etc. Another cool feature is the addition of the Facebook Chat support. Now, you can chat with your buddies on Facebook directly from Yahoo! Messenger.

Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta

Mobile users are not left behind as video and voice calls, photo and video sharing are also now available on the iPhone and Android devices. Video calling and multitasking is available for iPod Touch (4th gen) and iPhone 3GS/4 running on iOS 4.1. Video calling on Android devices require OS 2.2+ and the Yahoo! Messenger Video Add-on and for now, only supports the MyTouch 4G and EVO models.

To learn more and download the new Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta, visit

Anyone tried the beta version of Yahoo! Messenger 11? How do you like the new features? Which feature do you like best – playing social games or Facebook Chat support? Please share your thoughts.

[image source: Yahoo! Messenger Blog]

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  1. Finally, Yahoo! Messenger has upgraded into becoming more ‘social.’

    Though I won’t be able to use it as much because I’m on Ubuntu and Empathy does the same job just fine. :)

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