HowTo: Achieve an SEO-Friendly Domain Migration [Infographic]

In terms of time, effort and the variables involved, domain migrations aren’t as tedious and time-consuming as web hosting migrations. However if you’re concerned about the aspect of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then domain migrations can be a little bit more complicated.

I’ve done a lot of web migrations in the past but I’ve never had any experience doing a domain migration so I was happy to come across this infographic created by Aleyda Solis of SEOmoz called “Achieving an SEO-Friendly Domain Migration“. This infographic lists the different tasks that are performed during a domain migration and the necessary steps to make sure that the migration will not cause any crawling and indexing problems as well as the loss of search engine rankings and organic traffic.

SEO-Friendly Domain Migration Infographic
[click here to view the large version of the infographic.]

I know this is gonna come in handy in the future so I’ve saved/bookmarked it and at the same time, blogged about it so that I can share it with you guys and other people who might need this type of information. Thanks to Aleyda Solis and SEOmoz for creating and sharing this valuable and useful infographic!

So what do you guys think about the SEO-friendly domain migration infographic? What particular information helped or can help you with your domain migration? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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  1. I have to do domain migration soon. One of the major concern is the backlinks pointing to the old domain will be gone, plus the age of the new domain is younger than the old domain. But sometimes you have to do these kind of domain migration.

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