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Got an email invite a few weeks back from Aileen Apolo-de Jesus for an exclusive Google Chrome event. Since I couldn’t make it to the event, I asked Aileen if she could send me a press kit. I got it October 1st but because of my busy schedule and the week-long road trip, I wasn’t able to blog about it right away and ended up forgetting about it. Remembered about it today and decided to share it with you guys even though it’s a bit late.

Andrew McGlinchey, Google Southeast Asia Head of Product Management and Derek Callow, Google Southeast Asia Head of Marketing were both at the event to unveil the new Chrome features made by Filipinos, for Filipinos. They were joined by dozens of bloggers and top names in the Filipino Industry.

Highlights of the event include a video about a survey done by Google Southeast Asia that asked random people the question – “What is a browser?” and unveiling of local Chrome apps/extensions and themes created specifically for Filipinos.

Philippine Google Chrome Extensions
Some of the local Chrome apps unveiled during the event were from local companies and websites like ABS-CBN, Philippine Airlines, SmartBro, Cebu Pacific, Pinoy Exchange and Ayos Dito.

Philippine Google Chrome Themes
Here are some of the local Chrome themes created by Filipino artists:

Maria Makiling by Arnold Arre
Maria Makiling Chrome Theme

Team Manila
Team Manila Chrome Theme

Corey Cruz
Corey Cruz Chrome Theme

Electrolychee Chrome Theme

Drew Europeo
Drew Europeo Chrome Theme

You can check out the rest of the local Chrome themes from the Google Chrome Philippines theme page. You can also view photos of the event from Aileen’s blog.

Anyone else attended the Google Chrome for Filipinos event? For my Filipino readers, which local app or local theme do you like the most? Please share your thoughts.

[image by Aileen Apolo-de Jesus]

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  1. I use a ton of different browsers. This is partly because I do have some blogs and such so I feel I should check out how it looks on different browsers.

    IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and SeaMonkey are what I use.

  2. @Sourish – Same here. I love and keep using Mozilla Firefox because of the extensions/plugins that make work much easier for me. If Google Chrome has those extensions, then I might just switch over.

    Hehe..many people are saying that Google is now the new evil empire, replacing Microsoft.

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