Blogapalooza 2015 #ResponsibleMedia

blogapalooza 2015One of the things I miss about not being in the Philippines aside from being with my family and friends is attending blogger events. Back then, when I was still in the Philippines and started out blogging, blogger events weren’t as common like it is right now.

Blogapalooza, the biggest Business to Blogger marketing and networking event in the Philippines is back and is happening on Sunday – October 25, 2015, starting at 10:00 AM until 9:00 PM at One Esplanade, SM Central Business Park, Seaside corner Bay Boulevard, Pasay City, Metro Manila. This will be Blogapalooza’s fourth year and this year’s theme is Four Seasons. This year, the event will be focusing on and talking more about responsible media through the selected panels and speakers.

If you don’t know what Blogapalooza or haven’t heard of it before, then you’ve been missing out on a lot of great opportunities. Here’s why you should be attending Blogapalooza:


  • Freebies & Samples – Aside from interacting with Businesses, they give out freebies and samples to help you review or feature them better. So expect a lot of freebies when you attend.
  • Be Updated – It’s about getting the latest information from Businesses on their new products or services. Be the first to break the news, and help get more visits to your Blog!
  • Save Money – It’s hard enough that you have to run your Blog, but to travel to different places and events would cost you a lot in transportation fees. By merging Business events under one venue, you save time and money!


  • Save Money – We connect you with Bloggers directly which cuts commission fees, as well as, we are able to organize the event for you at a fraction of the cost with the volume of bloggers!
  • Save Time – If organizing your own Blogger event is time-consuming enough, contacting Bloggers one by one could really kill your time. We take care of all that for you.
  • Better Attendance – By mixing interesting brands together, Bloggers save time covering a lot of Businesses under one venue and can make it interesting enough for them to attend.
  • Promote Your Brand – Being able to promote in front of numerous Influential Bloggers can truly leverage your brand to your target market. Reviews truly make an impact on a customer’s purchasing decision.
  • Network with Bloggers – Talk to the real person behind the Blog, get to know them, and build relationships that benefit both sides. Remove barriers in communication and have a better first step forward!
  • Get their Interest – We find ways to make the events more interactive and personalized which makes it really interesting to Bloggers. To truly catch a Blogger’s heart, it has to be, first, be interesting for them.

If you haven’t attended a Blogapalooza event before, here’s how it works:

blogapalooza 2015
Step 1: Businesses present their products or services to the Bloggers directly (via Booth / Show / Activities)

Attendees include Influential Bloggers, Tweeters, Facebook Influencers, and media outlets and place them all into one place to experience your product or service. We screen and pick influencers and pick out businesses that will be presenting to them. Presenting products or services can be done via Stage Time and thru the Businesses’ respective booths.

blogapalooza 2015
Step 2: Influential Bloggers and Online Influencers blog / post / tweet about the Freebies / Event / Networking with Businesses and influence their readers / visitors

Bloggers will receive a giveaway or promotional item from each Business to be able to review it. The main idea is to have them really experience something to ensure they are able to write about it honestly. Bloggers usually blog about the event (with mentions on sponsors and key highlights), as well as, the reviews that they do for each product/service they receive.


Interested parties can still join and sign up for this event. Businesses can sign up by sending an email to Blogapalooza’s Managing Director Ace Gapuz at [email protected] while bloggers or social media influencers can still join by signing up at the official Blogapalooza website.

Those of you who are in the Philippines are lucky. It’s during these times that I wish I was back there so I could attend these types of events and get to meet and network with other bloggers. If you’re in the area and available on that day, make sure you sign up and attend Blogapalooza 2015. Anyone here attending or planning to attend this year’s Blogapalooza event?

To learn more about Blogapalooza or to sign up for this event, please visit

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