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UPDATE: I Can’t Find My Phone now supports international calls so users outside the U.S. can use this service to call their missing cellphones.

When a cellphone gets lost or misplaced and the person couldn’t find it, the next thing that person will most likely do is to call that missing cellphone to try to locate it. I’m sure anyone who owns a cellphone has experienced this at one point in time. What happens when you don’t have access to another phone to use for calling the missing cellphone? Fret no more because now you can use a website to call your phone.

I Can’t Find My Phone is the answer to your missing/misplaced cellphone problems. Designed and developed by Dave Dawson, is a simple yet ingenious solution to this common problem. To use it, all you need to do is go to, enter your cellphone/mobile number and hit on the “Hello” button. A call would be made to the cellphone and in case you decide to pick up the call, it would deliver this message – “It looks like you have found your phone using I Can’t Find My Phone dot com. Have a great, rest of the day..”.

I Can’t Find My Phone is a very cool and useful service but it has its limitations. It won’t work if your phone is turned off, the phone is on silent/vibrate mode, located far away or was stolen from you.

Shared this because I know that this would come in handy to anyone who loses or misplaces their phone. Kudos to Dave Dawson for coming up with such and very helpful website/service! Btw, thanks to my friend Ana, for sharing this on Facebook.

Check out ICan’

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