Gameloft iPhone Happy Hour

If you’re an avid iPhone gamer or just looking for free games to add to your iPhone app collection, then I have some very good news for you.

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, popular video game publisher and developer Gameloft is launching the “iPhone Happy Hour” where they’ll be offering 10 iPhone/iPod Touch games for free in the next 10 days, starting May 10th until the 21st (except weekends). Each day, for 2 hours one Gameloft game for the iPhone/iPod Touch will be available to download for FREE!

Gameloft will not reveal what games they’ll be offering for free and what time these games will be available. If you want to get your hands on these free iPhone/iPod Touch games, you’ll have to follow Gameloft on Twitter and wait for the daily tweet. The free games will only be available within the 2 hour period so you’ll have to be quick. Once you get the daily tweet and find out which game is available for download, just head to the App store and download the game.

Earlier today, Gameloft offered the Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain game which I was able to download. I’ll be watching out for the next free game tomorrow. Here are some of the games that I hope will be released for free: Assassin’s Creed, Hero of Sparta, Zombie Infection, The Settlers, Iron Man 2, Real Soccer 2010, The Oregon Trail, Modern Combat: Sandstorm, Blokus and Earthworm Jim.

How about you guys? Anyone else been able to download a free game during the Gameloft iPhone Happy Hour? What particular Gameloft game would you like to be offered for free?

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  • DiTesco, May 12, 2010 @ 6:58 AM

    Don’t own an iPhone although now I wish I had. Have to stick with my HTC Diamond2 for a while longer. Any games for that?

  • Gem, May 11, 2010 @ 8:28 PM

    Awesome! I've always loved Gameloft's games – their games are the best ones when I still had my cellphone (that let's me play games).

    Now I wish I own an iPhone, LOL.

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