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Aside from Google Analytics, I use Reinvigorate to keep track of my blog stats and analytics. I started using Reinvigorate back in June 2007 when I received the private beta testing invite. Yesterday, while I was checking my inbox, I found an email from the Reinvigorate Team and when I opened it, I found out that it was an invitation to test a new beta version of Reinvigorate.

Hi there!

We are beta testing a new version of Reinvigorate and would love it if you could give it a go.

Learn about some of the new features on the Reinvigorate blog:

If you would like to migrate your account over to the new tracking system please use the link below.

Feel free to leave any questions/comments/suggestions at:

Thanks! We appreciate your help and feedback!
Reinvigorate Team

New Reinvigorate Beta features:

  • Enhanced Heatmaps
  • Per-page stats summaries
  • Enhanced graphing engine
  • Live real-time summary page
  • Enhanced Referrer tracking
  • …and lots more

After reading the email, I clicked on the link provided in order to migrate my account to the new Reinvigorate Beta. I was brought to a page that instructed me to update the tracking code and re-create friend/client accounts, it also asked me if I wanted to create a new password and then at the bottom was the button to migrate the account to the new beta version.

Here are some of the screenshots I took of the new beta version of Reinvigorate. If you’re a Reinvigorate user/beta tester or someone who’s seen the Reinvigorate dashboard before, you’ll notice the changes and improvements made to the dashboard and other sections of the interface.

Monthly Stats
Reinvigorate Beta

Reinvigorate Beta

Reinvigorate Beta

Reinvigorate Beta

Reinvigorate Beta

For me and I think most Reinvigorate users/beta testers, the most awaited feature is the heatmap. In the past, I’ve installed and used a WordPress heatmap plugin called WP Clickmap. It was a neat and useful plugin, but unfortunately it was causing problems on my web server so I had to uninstall it. With the heatmap feature on Reinvigorate, I no longer need to install a heatmap plugin.

Although Reinvigorate is still in private beta testing, you can head over to their website, click on Beta Registration and provide your email address. Reinvigorate periodically invites new groups of people into the private beta test system.

Anyone else using Reinvigorate? For other Reinvigorate users/beta testers, which new feature/s do you like the most? What other features or options would you like to be added in the next version or update of Reinvigorate? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. @Jhay – It sure does. I love the new features and the improvements in the new Reinvigorate Beta. I thought if you’re already in the program that you automatically get an invite to the newer version?

  2. The UI looks a lot better than Analytic’s. I’m still on the Alpha version though. Hopefully they send me an invite to use the Beta real soon. :D

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