August 2020 Android Security Update – Samsung Galaxy A50

August 2020 Android Security Update

Getting regular security updates can be quite troublesome for most Android users especially those who have devices that are from not from Google. That is one of the main reasons why I chose to get a Nexus 6P and a Google 2XL a few years ago.

I previously had the HTC One X+ and the LG G3 and the only way I was able to keep those phones up-to-date in terms of OS and security updates was by rooting them.

In recent years, phone brands like Samsung, Sony, Nokia, and OnePlus have improved on this aspect and have released OS and security updates quicker compared to previous years. If you want to know which phone brands gets updates the fastest, check out the Android Security Update Tracker article from Android Police.

When I got my Samsung Galaxy A50, I was expecting that I would get the same experience with the other non-Google smartphones that I previously owned. I was mistaken because the phone got the security updates quite fast.

The latest update, which is the August 2020 Android security update, was released last August 3rd and was pushed to my device last August 25th. Which is pretty good, given that my device is not a Pixel device. I’m not exactly sure who’s responsible for these speedy updates, whether it’s the phone maker Samsung or my mobile carrier Koodoo but nevertheless, I’m grateful that my device is receiving OS and security updates regularly.


August 2020 Android Security Update

For more information regarding the August 2020 Android Security Update, check out this bulletin posted in the official Android Source website.

Phone brands or makers releasing Android OS and security updates quicker is a win-win situation. For the users, it keeps them happy and secure while for the companies, it shows that they are doing their best and it improves their credibility.

For you guys who are Android users, have you received the August 2020 Android security update? Please share what particular device you have and when you received the update by leaving a comment below.

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