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Let It Snow

For this Christmas season aside from the falling snow, I’ve added some extra stuff and modified my blog header to add some Christmas graphics – Christmas tree, decor, gift and a snowman. Nevertheless, I have more people commenting and inquiring about the falling snow effect. In the past couple of years, I used a custom javascript that I got from Matt Mullenweg’s blog. However, when I tried to install this year, it didn’t work.

So I searched the web for an alternative falling snow javascript and guess what? It turns out that there’s already a WordPress plugin called Let It Snow!, which was released back in 2007 by Aen Tan.

Here’s a little introduction from the plugin’s page:

It’s the time of the year. Why not dress up your WordPress blog with some fancy falling snow flakes? Let It Snow is a WordPress plugin I wrote back in 2007, just before Christmas and it is currently one of the more popular plugins in the WordPress plugin directory. Since Christmas is coming, I thought I should just give this plugin a little refresh and move it to the COMA blog from where it originally was, on the Widgeo.us blog. I am no longer working at Widgeo.us and since this was initially a little pet project of mine anyway, I should just house it somewhere close.

Installing the Let It Snow! is easy and simple. Just download the zip file, extract and upload it to your wp-content/plugins directory. Next, activate it via the Plugins menu in your WordPress dashboard. In this new version, you can customize the snowfall via the Let It Snow! settings page.

Let It Snow! settings page
Let It Snow!

Options include choosing whether the snow should stick to the bottom of the window or should the snow follow mouse movement. You can adjust the settings according to your own preference. Just enter a value/pick an option and click on Save Changes.

So there you go! Now you guys know how I made the falling snow effect here on JaypeeOnline. Now you can also have it on your WordPress-powered blog and install it now or for next Christmas. Btw, this plugin works best if your blog has a dark background or else, the snow would be invisible or hard to see on a light background. Thanks to Aen Tan, we can always have a white Christmas on our blogs every year!

Download the Let It Snow WordPress plugin

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  1. I had this plugin on for a little while but disabled it as I thought it was slowing the blog down a little. I did however do a major overhaul of the theme to give it that Christmas look, and I reckon it turned out pretty well.

  2. I do like your tree and snowman, nice touches. Can I learn to do little details like that too??

    I might just give that “Let It Snow” plugin a whirl.

    Hey , maybe tiny falling hearts for Valentines Day!?

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