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StudioPress has always been known for their premium WordPress themes, especially their Genesis Framework and Genesis Framework Child Themes. But for those who don’t know, aside from creating and selling premium themes, StudioPress also gives back to the WordPress community by releasing free WordPress plugins.

The latest free plugin that they released is called the Simple URLs WordPress plugin which is a URL management system that allows users to create, edit and track any URL, even custom URLs.

The Simple URLs plugin is very useful for those who post a lot of affiliate links on their blogs. This plugin can be used to shorten those long and ugly affiliate URLs without the need of a URL shortening service like, or Tiny URL. It also allows the user to track how many times a certain URL has been clicked.

Simple URLs Admin page
Simple URLs WordPress Plugin

Simple URLs Add URL page
Simple URLs WordPress Plugin

Aside from using it for affiliate links, the Simple URLs plugin can also be used for the following:

1. Banner, button, or text link advertisements.
2. Links to your other blogs and websites.
3. Links to your Twitter and Facebook pages
4. Internal (as opposed to outbound) link tracking.
5. Download link counter!

Those are just some of the examples on how the Simple URLs plugin can be used. I’m sure you can find it useful for something else depending on what you have on your blog/website.

I haven’t tried it yet here on JaypeeOnline but based on what I’ve seen from the screenshots, I can say that this plugin is user-friendlly and easy to use. I do plan on using it and replacing the old method I used for hiding my affiliate links which I shared on this post – HowTo: Hide Affiliate Links on WordPress Blogs. That method can only shorten and hide affiliate links but there’s no way to track the URLs and see how many times they’ve been clicked.

Simple URLs is FREE and is available for download at the WordPress Plugins directory.

Anyone tried using the Simple URLs WordPress plugin? What plugin or method are you using to shorten, hide/cloak and track your affiliate links? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. @Sourish – Seems like Gocodes is a popular plugin. Haven’t tried it so I can’t compare it with this one. I use my own custom method of cloaking my affiliate links but switch to the SimpleURLs plugin once I get the time.

  2. i use gocodes plugin to cloak my affiliate links , they are good and peoperly updated … the problem with the plugins is that , some over enthusiastic bloke create these type of plugins and make us addicted to it. then some of them get full time job and some die , so the plugin is never upgraded to be compatible with wp updates and cause us real trouble .. :(

  3. hey,thanks for sharing it.i was looking for a plugin like that,i installed Gocodes,but it shows some error messages.will try this.

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