Pimp My WP Dashboard Part IV

For those who are regular visitors and readers, I’m sure you’re familiar with my Pimp My Dashboard series. When I first started it I didn’t expect to have more than three parts. However, as I was surfing the web I found other WordPress admin themes that I haven’t seen or heard before. So I’m continuing the series and will be featuring new admin themes.

Today, I’ll be featuring the WordTunes Terminal admin theme from Listen-Project. This admin theme emulates the interface of the famous digital media player, iTunes.

The author’s site is in German, but that shouldn’t be a problem and you don’t have to understand German to use this admin theme. All you need to do is download the zip file and extract it into your computer. Upload the WordTunes folder into your wp-content/plugins folder and activate it from your Wordress admin panel.

Basic Features:

  • iTunes-like design
  • Compatible with WordPress 2.0.4 and up
  • Tested on the following browsers: Mozilla 1.7, Firefox 1.x, Opera 8.x
  • Not tested on the following browsers: Internet Explorer 7 and Safari


WordTunes Dashboard

Write Post
WordTunes Write Post

WordTunes Presentation

WordTunes Plugins

My Take:

WordTunes Terminal is not as pretty as the Tiger Admin or Spotmilk admin themes but it’s a welcome alternative. Atleast WordPress users have another option in case they want to try something different than the default WordPress look. It doesn’t change much of the original WordPress admin design and layout except for the color scheme and the iTunes like header which is a separate frame from the rest of the page. If you scroll the page up or down, the header stays put while the rest of the page moves. Overall, I give the WordTunes Terminal a 3.5 out of 5.

Check out or Download the WordTunes Terminal admin theme for WordPress.

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  1. @J David – I see. Tiger Admin is the first admin theme I used and I really liked it. I switched to Spotmilk using the Blackmilk style for a change. You should try it too. :)

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