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Do you accept guest posts on your blog? Having guest authors is a good way to keep a steady flow of fresh content on your blog and at the same time allows you to spend time on other projects and other important stuff. I accept guest posts here on JaypeeOnline, so aside from reviewing guest articles, I also have to create individual user accounts (Contributor level) for each guest author – both tedious and time consuming tasks.

Thanks to a new WordPress plugin called the WordPress Guest Post plugin, bloggers like me can now easily and quickly accept guest posts without having to login to my WordPress dashboard. The WordPress Guest Post plugin allows contributors to submit articles via a WordPress page, no user registration required. Blog owners or administrators receive customized online or email notifications when guest articles are submitted and they could easily review, edit, approve and publish the articles via the WordPress dashboard.


  • Easily obtain guest posts without user registration.
  • Users can add their posts right from a form hosted on a page on your blog. No logging in your WordPress admin.
  • Effortlessly manage and edit post submissions.
  • Customizable post submission notification on site and via email.

WordPress Guest Post plugin

WordPress Guest Post plugin


  • Upload the unzipped WordPress Guest Post files to the wp-content/plugins directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • Go to the Settings page and customize your settings (Optional).

To access the list of unapproved guest posts, click on the “Guest Post” section on your WordPress dashboard. To edit a specific post, you’ll have to approve it. The post will not go live until you hit the Publish button.

The WordPress Guest Post plugin is still in BETA so the author offers no guarantees and use it at your own risk. As a safety precaution, make sure to back up all your WordPress files and database before installing this plugin or any new plugins.

Download the Guest Post plugin from the official WordPress Plugin repository. For questions, feedback and plugin support go to this link.

Anyone tried the WordPress Guest Post plugin? How do you like it? Does it work smoothly on your blog or did you encounter any issues/problems with it? Please share your thoughts.

[image source: WordPressGuestPost.com]

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  1. Hi! While searching for a guest blogger plug in I did try this one. It seemed to work OK but now my theme avatar is missing and the plugin form looks for a security image (captcha) and I have no clue what to do. I did try to email the developer and heard nothing.

    There really is a need for this plug in. Hope someone can steer me to a good one!

    Thanks for trying!

  2. Ruth, your site isn’t the only one. I haven’t found ONE comment online to show that this plugin even works. All commenters report serious errors. People seem so eager to promote it too. So odd. Obviously there is a need for a working guest post plugin, but this one isn’t it.

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