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WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin

If you’re the type of blogger who wants everything to be organized and well planned, then I’m sure you’re gonna like this WordPress plugin I’m featuring today. The Editorial Calendar plugin makes it possible for

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WordPress Guest Post Plugin

Do you accept guest posts on your blog? Having guest authors is a good way to keep a steady flow of fresh content on your blog and at the same time allows you to spend

Guest Blogging

Now Open to Guest Bloggers

Even though I already have two guest blog posts done by my online friends back in 2009, this blog wasn’t “officially” open to guest bloggers. I planned to do it back in 2010 as part

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Watch Out For Bogus Freelance Content Writers

Inviting guest bloggers or hiring freelance content writers to write articles for your blog is one way to maintain the consistency and add variety to a successful and growing blog or help a blog owner