1. Industry Newssays:

    It looks great! I like it. The image on the right carries your branding through, so I feel it deserves its place there. My resolution is 1680X1050 on a 22″ LCD and it works fine for me. I’ll go and check to see how my laptop views this when I use it again.

  2. @elmot – Hehe..I’m just trying to make-up for the 2 month blogging hiatus. ;)

    Thanks for the compliments man! Those aren’t widgets, I’ve hard coded those RSS subscribing and social bookmarking buttons into my theme’s sidebar. The one on the bottom is called the Wibiya toolbar and I just did a review of it so you might want to check it out.

  3. wow! you are really coming back with a bang jayps!

    got so preoccupied with work and some stuffs that bugs my blog. anyway… your blog looks great…with some updated features…like all those widgets on becoming a fan of yours…and this one below the screen, i dont know what to call this one…


    and the mascot! plus incorporated to twitter! simply amazing…

    now im running out of words…eheheh

  4. @K – Which avatar image? The one you’re using right now? Sorry my friend, my graphic design skills aren’t that good. You can try and ask one of your friends to do it for you or you can also hire a professional artist.

  5. @JR – Yeah, I know. Its something I need to decide on whether I should keep the graphic on the right or take it out. 1440×900? That’s a big monitor you have there. Thanks! :D

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