Most Important Ways to Protect Facebook Privacy [Infographic]

Without a doubt, Facebook is the #1 and most popular social network in the world. Based on research and calculations taken from different databases (Compete, Quantcast and Alexa), it has an estimated 1,710,000,000 monthly visitors.

Facebook is an enormous virtual world that folks use to communicate with family and friends as well as for marketing and promoting business. Users on this social network share a whole lot of information about their personal and sometimes professional lives that they probably wouldn’t share with a stranger. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Facebook users who aren’t careful or concerned about protecting their profile privacy. An estimated 13 million users haven’t bothered to check on their privacy settings.

If you’re not careful with the information that you share on Facebook (or any other social network) and do not take the necessary steps to protect your profile, you are at a high risk of identity theft and even burglary.

Today, we’re going to share with you this infographic to help you learn the most important ways to protect Facebook privacy and safeguard your information.

protect facebook privacy

It only takes a few minutes to go over your Facebook profile privacy settings and make the necessary changes. Don’t wait until something unfortunate happens before you do something about it. Better safe than sorry. Please share this with your family and friends on Facebook so that they will be made aware and make the necessary steps to protect their Facebook profile.

What do you guys think of this infographic on how to protect Facebook privacy? Do you protect your profile using the steps listed above or are you one of those users who aren’t concerned about the privacy settings? Do you know of someone who got their identity stolen or was involved in a crime because of the information shared on their profile? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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