8 Critical Twitter Marketing Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Business For Life

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is one of the most powerful social media platforms out there. Most businesses have Twitter accounts to advertise and promote their products and services and often is used as an effective marketing campaign to build their brand and expand their reach.

As a business owner, you have to be aware of the fact that you still need a solid understanding of how to use Twitter as a marketing strategy. In this article, we’ve compiled that most crucial Twitter marketing mistakes that could seriously put your business and brand at risk.

Not Engaging Your Followers

The number one mistake that you shouldn’t do to your audience is to ignore them. It’s true that Twitter is a platform to raise brand awareness. However, it’s primary function is to connect with other individuals.

So, as much as you can be social with your followers ‒ don’t let them feel ignored, or else, they’ll disconnect altogether. Engagement will always be a two-way street. Try to respond to their inquiries, and be open to criticisms and feedback. “Like” their responses, and don’t hesitate to retweet a particular follower’s status if you find it interesting or intriguing. You can also routinely identify followers who regularly engage with your account, and start a conversation with them.

Get to know your audience at a much more personal level if you want to go beyond your social media presence. Not only that it’s flattering for their part, but it also enhances your business profile, turning your followers into the most loyal fans.

Tweeting Too Often and Flooding

Here’s one of Twitter’s unwritten rules: Don’t talk about yourself too much. Sometimes, too much monologue about your business and what you do can be already be considered as spam to others.

Not only that, but it also turns off most of your followers and the next thing you know, they’ve already hit the “unfollow” button. Try to put yourself in your audience’s shoes before sending out a tweet. Is it something fun, helpful, or will people get an incentive?

Buying Followers That Has No Benefit

Sure, buying followers increase your numbers, but is it always a great idea? Would you prefer to have ten thousand followers who are hardly interested in your brand over five hundred active, highly engaged followers? Of course, not! Try to focus on quality and not on quantity. Moreover, if Twitter found out that you purchased followers, you also run the risk of having your account being suspended.

Not Incorporating Multimedia In Your Posts

According to the Union Metrics, tweets that include a photo or a video receive more engagement. There’s no doubt about it ‒ putting multimedia in your feed makes it more eye-catching and interesting to your audience.

Also, take note that you need to be mindful of the exact social media channel image sizes when you’re thinking of incorporating multimedia to your tweet so it looks attractive. Having an image that fits the channel could be a deal-breaker in engaging your followers.

Neglecting Time Considerations

Timing is key when it comes to reaching out to your followers. Keep in mind that your followers will not see everything you post. Ideally, try to think about different ways for you to communicate the same message. Schedule your posts during different times of the day, especially during peak hours to increase the chances that your followers will see them. Avoid posting in the middle of the night where no one can read them when they show up.

Inconsistent Use of #Hashtags

Hashtags are essential when you want to advertise or promote a product. Although they’re handy in your marketing campaign, keep in mind that you use it consistently. Try to overuse it ‒ and it looks messy, turning off followers. Don’t use too much of it ‒ and you might fail to drive in engagement and impressions to your brand.

Therefore, consistency is crucial at this point. Think of a relevant hashtag to your business and stick with it.

Not Having A Solid Twitter Marketing Strategy

Some businesses think that the marketing aspect is easy, and they don’t even bother to come up with a solid marketing plan. However, if you want your business to stand out and flourish, think of creating an engaging and impactful strategy on Twitter.

First off, you need to find a brand voice that reflects with your brand message and the company’s core values that resonate with most of your audience in a personal way.

It helps to use editorial calendars for better planning and organization if you’re continually being overwhelmed with an endless supply of content. Doing so ensures that you keep track of things that need to be worked on, help you prepare for upcoming events, and ensure that you’ve planned the content ahead of time. Also, schedule your tweets in advance to make sure that it reaches your followers during peak hours to keep them engaged.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Try to experiment with different kinds of content to see what works well and what doesn’t. You can focus on trending events and topics, but sometimes the best tweets also come out of nowhere. So, it’s also essential to be adaptable as well.

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