Life Without Twitter [Infographic]

Are you an avid Twitter user? Do you spend countless hours on it each day? Or maybe find yourself frequently taking out your mobile device to tweet or check other people’s tweets? Whether you use it for work, personal use or both, have you ever imagined what your life would’ve been without the popular social networking tool? Even though not everyone uses Twitter, it is already a part of our everyday life and our culture. Twitter is now being used by celebrities, retail companies, news/media networks, sports teams and even politicians.

Hubspot recently released an infographic entitled Life Without Twitter that takes a humorous approach on what life would be like without Twitter.

Life Without Twitter Infographic

Check out this post to view a larger version of the infographic and link to download the PDF version that includes interactive links.

How do you like the infographic? How would your life be without Twitter or other social networks? What other important or relevant data/events would you add to the infographic?

[via SocialMediaToday]

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