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Facebook Ads

Are you worried about promoting your brand on Facebook? Have you invested in creating Facebook ads but are still unable to succeed? Reason for the enormous crowd of startups. If you are facing this issue, then there might be a possibility that there are some loopholes in your implemented strategies. Facebook stated that over 8 million active advertisers were using the social platform to promote their products and services.

When you stream a Facebook Ad campaign correctly, then it can radically increase the number of visits of the audience on your website, conversion rates, and brand awareness. To increase the traffic on your business page and make it successful on social media, you need to know the useful hacks for promoting your brand. You will find many entrepreneurs reading Facebook marketing tips daily to advertise their startups, but still, not everyone is able to attract a greater audience.

With all the brand promotion, you have to count the ad content and copy, viewers, videos, or images to have a maximum impact on the audience and increase your click-through rate. Finding it difficult to increase your success rate of social media ads? Then we are sharing some fantastic strategies in this article that will help your Facebook ads to end up high on the newsfeed.

Why Facebook Ads For Business Marketing?

Doesn’t this question pop up in your mind? Why only Facebook? Why not any other social media for ads? People these days spend most of their time on social media rather than any other internet activity, including emails. Facebook has over 2.6 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2020. Whereas Instagram and Twitter have 1 billion and 330 million monthly active users. For creating brand awareness, you need an audience, and Facebook has the biggest community up till now.

Facebook advertising is more beneficial in terms of reaching a greater number of audiences. It is the most targeted form of advertising these days. These ads can be a good way of engaging people if you can understand your audience’s interests, location, behaviors, and preferences.

Best Hacks For Promoting Your Business Through Facebook Ads

Your startup can reach more than hundreds of users if you implement these hacks when using Facebook ads.

Hack#1: Create Amazing Offers
Late Gary Halbert, who was one of the best advertisers of the 20th century, said that “Strong copy would not overcome a weak offer but…in many cases, a strong offer will succeed despite weak copy written by marketing morons”. This implies that if a business has a strong offer, then the chances are higher to create a better ad that grabs the customer’s attention immediately. Rather than posting a video or a picture, you can redistribute discount codes or create a post with an offer format.

You will find businesses giving discounted offers to the audience, but not every offer is appealing to the clients. When you use different mechanisms to grab the attention of the audience, then your brand promotion will turn out to be successful. Such as adding a line that “your purchase will educate three students,” then people who are more inclined towards educating people will definitely grab the chance and buy the product your brand is offering.

Hack#2: The Inverted Unicorn Strategy
Another hit strategy for your business that gives positive results is called the inverted unicorn strategy. This hack was introduced by Lary Kim (founder of WordStream). This strategy tells us to focus on two distinct interests and overlap rather than targeting correlated interests. By considering two different target markets, you will be able to get many views and user engagement on your page. This method might seem a bit weird, but in most cases, it works. This hack will help you increase your outreach when Facebook restricts your audience segment. For a better understanding, you can read more about the inverted unicorn strategy here.

Hack#3: Use FB Ad Editor
You will find many tools online where you can easily create videos. This might appear easy to do, but it’s not. Some tools are quite expensive, and sometimes you do not want to add more tools to your already inspiring toolbox. Here is another impressive hack for you. You can make videos for your brand by using Facebook Ad editor. Create an Ad campaign by turning on your Ad manager, and clicking on the “Create Ad” option, and you will be directed to a video creating a kit with numerous amazing templates and images.
You can post the created video organically by confirming your campaign, then pause it on Ads manager (this technique is essential), then go to the page posts, ad your post and Voila! Your Brand Ad is published.

Hack#4: Long-Term Marketing
There is a famous quote by Douge Evelyn that says, “Long-range planning works best in the short term.” How can this be applied to social media marketing by thinking of the long-term benefits of your product and service? One of the biggest mistakes many online businesses make is by missing the prospects of long-term planning.

Most of the brands focus on getting clients by initially keeping the prices lowered, thinking this will benefit them, but it will only result in losing money. A good approach is to consider long-term planning while promoting your products. Rather than just concentrating on the instant selling of products, what you can do is calculate the Life Time value (LTV) of your product and create Ads on it. If this is not implemented, then the Facebook Ads campaign will give you zero benefit.

Hack#5: Utilize Facebook Ad Library
Are you aware of a magical place hidden on social media? It’s Facebook Ad Library. Not familiar with this? Let us tell you more about this hack. This Facebook Ad Library will help you in checking the competitor’s Ads on Facebook and Instagram in detail. It can also help in extracting ideas from the bigger brands and knowing their advertising efforts.
The Ads created by famous brands are quite impressive and will help you in integrating these creative elements for your brand promotion. Considering the example of McDonald’s and their Facebook Ads, they are quite creative and promoted in numerous countries through various online platforms.

Hack#6: Remarketing Ads
Another great tip for you is remarketing Ads rather than creating new Ads. Previously, many brands used to do regular Ads as well as invest in remarketing. Bust since the advertisement prices are much higher in 2020, it’s better to focus on remarketing rather than doing regular Ads. The concept of remarketing is exciting. It will benefit you in terms of increasing your conversion rates as well as clicks on your brand site. People who are familiar with your brand are more likely to click and buy your products. This will help you in promoting your products among those who are not familiar with your brand.

Remarketing has many benefits; not only will it help you in increasing your customers, but it also lowers the overall cost per client acquisition. The key advantage of remarking Ads is that you are only promoting your brands to those people who are openly interested in your brand.

Hack#7: Understand the Viewers’ Insights
Viewer’s insights are one of the vital tools on Facebook as it allows you to evaluate all the Facebook users and understand their interests. This will help you in generating Ads that will increase the interest of the clients in your products by showing them products they are interested in. In this way, you can convert your leads into sales. Viewers’ insights are a hidden gem for the promotional team, particularly when you are working on paid campaigns.

Insights will give you the complete details about your targeted audience and people who viewed your brand page, based on the content you have created for them. Greater is the relevancy of your content, and your paid ads fare will relatively improve. You can even use this information to generate fun infographics.

Hack#8: Use Messenger for Marketing
Along with Facebook Ads, you can also set up messenger ads for marketing your products. This strategy will not cost you much and is quite useful in creating brand affinity. With Messenger ads, you can do a bunch of things at once. You can interact with individuals who click on the Ad on your website and start a conversation to link with them, get additional details, and allow them to see more of your products.


To wrap it up, these strategies are only a drop in the ocean when it comes to social media hacks. You will find numerous tips that will help you in effectively market your brand to your audience and engage your audience. Implement these hacks and increase your proficiency in your Facebook Ads.

This is a guest contribution by Claudia Jeffrey who has studied data analysis and has previously worked in this field. Presently she is employed at Crowd Writer as a Digital Analyst. And she often blogs at Word Count Jet. She has shared many of her articles online to help entrepreneurs in promoting their businesses. She is also providing personal statement help in the UK at Dissertation Assistance.

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