Internet University Cast

deviantART is one of my all-time favorite sites and has always been a part of my daily web surfing routine. For those who are not familiar with deviantART, it is an online community that showcases various forms of user-made artwork – photographs, sketches, illustrations, etc. One of the artists on deviantART who goes by the username elontirien, recently released an artwork based on her friend’s short story that features famous websites as its characters.

Internet University Cast
Internet University Cast
L-R: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Wikipedia, deviantART, YouTube and Google.

Here’s the artist’s comment regarding her artwork:

Ha…ha ha. So my friend wrote a sort of short story called “Internet University,” where all the students and faculty are personified famous websites. It’s hilarious XD. Facebook and Twitter are roomies, Professor Google has to deal with the foul-mouthed Youtube, etc.
I decided I had to draw them all out.

And DA isn’t part of the story (yet?), but I went and designed her anyway for the hell of it. lolololol *runs*

I really love the artwork. Its very creative and funny at the same time. The artist – elontirien really did a very good job depicting the characters from the short story.

How about you guys? What do you think about elontirien’s Internet University Cast drawing? If you can add another website to the cast, which website would it be?

Click here to see the full sized image of elontirien’s artwork – Internet University Cast. Btw, if you have a deviantART account, don’t forget to show her some love by rating her artwork and leaving a comment.

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  1. @joie – If you take a look at the artist’s portfolio/gallery on deviantART, you can see her other artwork and you’ll know that she’s really creative. Yeah, CNN would be a good website to add to that cast. They should also add Digg, Yahoo and StumbleUpon. :D

  2. that’s very creative. The artwork is really amazing. I was wondering if they can add cnn. I would love to see how that artist illustrate the website.

  3. @JR – Hi there! Glad you could drop by my blog. Yes, the person who made the short story is brilliant and so is the artist who made these illustrations. That’s true, someone should’ve thought about doing these earlier. :D

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