Yahoo! Know Your Mojo!

Yahoo! Know Your Mojo!

What is a mojo? In the movie Austin Powers, the secret agent/spy lost his “powers” when he lost his “mojo”. Urban Dictionary defines mojo as – “the word originally means a charm or a spell. But now its more commonly said meaning sex appeal or talent”.

Yahoo! recently released a new service Know Your Mojo! that will “scientifically” analyze and determine your “social mojo” which is basically your Twitter ranking based on the type of tweets you send out. Know Your Mojo! is not like your typical boring Twitter ranking site, it’s a fun and entertaining way of finding out your Twitter ranking or status.

Yahoo! Know Your Mojo!
Different Types of Mojos

Yahoo! Know Your Mojo!
My Social Mojo

Know Your Mojo! is basically Yahoo!’s gimmick to promote their new homepage that boasts of its newest feature, the ability to add links to your favorite websites or RSS feeds. It’s also their way of targeting and attracting Twitter users to use the Yahoo! homepage.

Although it is fun and entertaining, I noticed that the results Know Your Mojo! displayed were somewhat inconsistent. After trying it out for more than 10 times using my own username everytime, it gave me 2 different results. The first one is Concierge and second was Matchmaker. The results shouldn’t have been different because i tried it just a few minutes apart and haven’t posted any new tweets. But then again, the Concierge and Matchmaker mojos are closely related to each other and are quite accurate with my Twitter mojo.

Anyone else tried out Yahoo!’s Know Your Mojo!? What’s your social mojo? What are the things you like or don’t like about this new Twitter ranking service? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. Haha this is cute. My mojo is “BFF” (Best Friend Forever). I love responding to people by calling them their names? It’s true I replied privately to everyone on my tweets.

  2. @Jhay – Like what I mentioned in the post, I got 2 different results and one of it is Matchmaker. Have you tried using Know Your Mojo! more than once and see if you get the same results or also different results like me?

  3. That’s one heck of a looong Yahoo pipe. lol. That’s it, after a long wait, I found out I’m a Concierge, too. Ahahahaha. We’re both geniuses at sharing interesting links. :)

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