The History of Social Networking [Infographic]

I’ve shared and posted several infographics in the past like the State of the Internet or the World of Facebook but I’m sure this one I’m sharing today is something that many of you will like or find interesting. Social networking is huge and popular these days but do you know how it all started or how people connected in the Internet before the invention of Twitter or Facebook? created the History of Social Networking Infographic to visually share the rich 30-year history of social networking. Aside from the different facts and figures, it also includes some trivia or fun facts like the first e-mail ever sent contained the message “QWERTYUIOP” or Usenet was the birthplace of flame wars and trolling or that the first version of Myspace was coded only in 10 days. For some these information is old news but for some it’s completely new. Nevertheless I hope you guys enjoy it.

History of Social Networking

History of Social Networking

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  1. I think you need to include the recent introduction of Google+ into any infographic because of the impact it’s had. They had a launch that amazed millions, especially the early adopters, and then, even further, drastic changes were, and still are forthcoming to the Facebook interface to match the features that people liked about G+.

    Google+ has definitely been a game changer, and I suspect there’s much more to come.

  2. i like the concept of twitter , started using it recently . Now im very much dependent on it for all the breaking news for my blog . You can simply follow the main source and keep an eye on the latest updates . Its fun watchiing your sources exchaging words with each other while you stay a silent spectator . The one you follow dont need to approve it .

  3. i never liked history as a subject but i must say this one is interesting. a history that i will remember a do tell others…

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