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Google Shutting Down Slide Social Apps

Last month I blogged about a social photo sharing app called Photovine. This app was released almost the same time as Google+ and was created by Slide a company acquired by Google last year. I

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Social Media Milestones [Infographic]

I love infographics and I know many of you do too. So today, I’m sharing with you another cool social media-related infographic from Edelman Digital. To celebrate the first-year anniversary of their re-launch, Edelman Digital

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The History of Social Networking [Infographic]

I’ve shared and posted several infographics in the past like the State of the Internet or the World of Facebook but I’m sure this one I’m sharing today is something that many of you will

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Friendster Launching Games & Music Portal in Asia

I joined Friendster back in June of 2003 and at that time, it wasn’t popular yet in the Philippines. I didn’t know anyone there except for my friend Hunny who invited me to join Friendster.

friendster phishing video
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Friendster Phishing Scam

For those of you who have Friendster accounts, you might have noticed the growing number of spam messages and comments. This past few months, I’ve noticed a new breed of spam comments showing up on

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Spokeo: Social Networks and RSS Feeds Reader

I know for a fact that almost all internet savvy people have an account in one or several social networks, right? I’m sure that these persons also visit several blogs other than your own, right?

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Facebook Adds Twitter-like Options

Are you guys familiar with Facebook? It’s one of the most popular social networks here in the US and has the most number of members among college focused sites with an estimated 19 million members.

Post Interview

Post-Interview Syndrome

I enjoyed my one day of fame. And now, I’m experiencing a little bit of writer’s block. Not that I don’t have anything to write about coz I have several drafts ready for posting but

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Malicious Friendster Javascript

Last night, as I was logged in to my Friendster account, I viewed my cousin’s profile after accepting his request to add him as a friend. As soon as his profile loaded, a small dialog

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Trig – Myspace Killer?

Trig is a new social networking site. Although Trig is still in it’s Beta version, it has a lot of potential to compete with Myspace or Friendster. Trig is powered by Ruby on Rails which