Mobile computing used to be the “future” of technology. Now, it has quickly become the “present” with the influx of new devices and technologies such as high-end smartphones, tablets, cloud computing, 4G, WiMAX and LTE are released and implemented. These days, many people use their mobile devices for almost everything – work, study, shopping and activities. Mobile computing has also created or boosted other stuff like social networks, location-based services and mobile apps.

With that, big and small companies, internet marketers even bloggers like me are looking for ways to harness the power of mobile. Lucid Agency, an online marketing agency recently released an infographic called Mobile OS Battle which shows different statistics regarding mobile OS (operating system), mobile applications, location-based services, mobile devices, etc.

Here’s the Mobile OS Battle infographic from Lucid Agency:
Mobile OS Battle Infographic

Some interesting facts in the infographic:

  • 99.6 Million smartphones were sold in the 1st quarter of 2011.
  • 300,000 mobile apps were developed in the last 3 years.
  • Facebook added 45 Million mobile users in 6 months (Sept ’09-Feb’10).
  • Foursquare reported 380 Million check-ins in 2010.
  • Mobile advertising market projected to grow from $160 Million (2008) to $3.1 Billion (2013).

How do you like the Mobile OS Battle infographic? What particular statistic/s did you find interesting or useful? Please share your thoughts.

[via Social Media Explorer]

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