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Mobile Marketing [Infographic]

Mobile computing used to be the “future” of technology. Now, it has quickly become the “present” with the influx of new devices and technologies such as high-end smartphones, tablets, cloud computing, 4G, WiMAX and LTE

nokia bh905i

Nokia BH-905i Unboxing Photos

Less than a week after I received the Nokia N8 trial unit, I received another package from Nokia WOMWorld via DHL. This time, the package contained the Nokia BH-905i bluetooth stereo headset. Was expecting the

nokia n8

Nokia N8 Unboxing Photos

Received a package last friday from Nokia WOMWorld containing the Nokia N8 review unit. It was sent via DHL and arrived just two days after I filled up and submitted the trial and usage agreement

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Blog Mobile

JaypeeOnline Nokia Ovi App

I received an email about two weeks ago from a Nokia Ovi specialist asking whether I was interested on having a custom Nokia Ovi app created for JaypeeOnline. I didn’t hesitate and said yes because

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Mobile WordPress

WordPress for Nokia App Now Available

On my post about the release of WordPress for iOS version 2.6, one of my readers – Abhik asked if there was a WordPress app for Nokia or Symbian devices. I pointed him to the

Nokia E7

Nokia E7, C6-01 and C7 Revealed at Nokia World 2010

The Nokia World 2010 event held in London, started at around 1 AM this morning, US Pacific Time. I attended the event from the comforts of home via the live streaming video. I tried to

nokia world 2010
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I’m Attending Nokia World 2010

Wasn’t expecting any packages or mail to arrive anytime soon so I was surprised when the DHL delivery guy came knocking at the door early this morning. Found out the package was for me so

nokia booklet 3g

Nokia Booklet 3G Unboxing Photos

I was surprised to see a DHL delivery guy knocking at the door yesterday afternoon. I asked my wife if she was expecting any packages, but she said “No”. When I went to open the

philippine blog awards trophy

Finally Got My PBA Trophy

I wasn’t able to attend and send a representative in the recent 2009 Philippine Blog Awards, so I didn’t get my trophy when my blog won the Best Technology Blog category. A couple of days

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Proudly Pinoy Technology

Filipino Bloggers Promote Ovi by Nokia

While browsing the web the other day, I came across this cool promo video featuring some Filipino bloggers promoting Ovi, Nokia’s Internet services. For those who are not familiar with what Ovi by Nokia is