I’m Attending Nokia World 2010

Nokia World 2010

Wasn’t expecting any packages or mail to arrive anytime soon so I was surprised when the DHL delivery guy came knocking at the door early this morning. Found out the package was for me so I accepted it and signed it. I checked who the package was from and saw that it was from WOMWorld/Nokia. It was weird because I didn’t request any review units from them, so I really had no idea what was inside the package.

So I open the package and inside was a bag, a t-shirt, several 3D glasses, and an ID badge. What I got was a virtual event pack for the upcoming Nokia World 2010 event scheduled for September 14-15 in London, UK. So yeah, I’m attending Nokia World 2010 not in London but virtually, that is. Hehe

Here are some photos I took of the stuff I got from WOMWorld/Nokia.

Nokia World 2010

Nokia World 2010

Nokia World 2010

Nokia World 2010

I was wondering what the 3D glasses were for until I read the message behind one of the badges:


This is your Nokia World virtual event attendee pack, so you can enjoy the keynote on Tuesday 14th from the comfort of your own sofa!

All you need to do is visit www.events.nokia.com/nokiaworld at 0900hrs (BST) on the 14th, and join in the experience with those at the live event in London. After the keynote, there’ll also be other activities, so make yourself comfy, settle back & enjoy.

Kind regards – WOMWorld/Nokia team

P.S. If you’re wondering what the 3D glasses are for, check your email on the 14th and you will see ;)

I haven’t received the email yet but will probably receive it in a few hours because the event is only 9 hours away. I still don’t know what those 3D glasses are specifically for but it looks like Nokia is gonna reveal something big tomorrow at Nokia World 2010 that has something to do with 3D. Maybe the first 3D enabled smartphone or mobile device? My guess is only good as yours so we’ll just have to wait and see. Btw, aside from Nokia World 2010, the Nokia Developer Summit 2010 will also be held at the same time and place at the ICC London ExCeL.

Thanks to WOMWorld/Nokia for sending me the virtual event pack!

Anyone else received these package from WOMWorld/Nokia? Anyone planning on attending or watching the live stream of the Nokia World 2010 event tomorrow?

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  1. @Gem – After your blog gets accepted into the program, it usually does take a few weeks before they contact you regarding the review unit that you requested. Btw, which device did you request for?

  2. I hope Nokia WOMWorld considers giving me that! I've recently contacted them my intention of reviewing their gadgets and I'm still waiting for my first gadget review for them. It's been weeks already and I still got no gadget to review!

  3. @Eric – Like I told Jhong, I wasn’t able to finish the whole event but I don’t think they had a 3D segment during the event. What I know from the email I received was that the 3D glasses were for some special videos for the Nokia E7, C7 and N8.

    I wasn’t able to see the queen coz I only attended the event virtually. Hehe

  4. @Jhong – Thanks Jhong! I wasn’t able to finish the live event because it started past 1 AM our time here. Anyways, I found out this morning from the email WOMWorld sent me that the 3D glasses were for special backstage videos for the new Nokia smartphones they released during Nokia World 2010.

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