Social Media Milestones [Infographic]

I love infographics and I know many of you do too. So today, I’m sharing with you another cool social media-related infographic from Edelman Digital. To celebrate the first-year anniversary of their re-launch, Edelman Digital has created the 5 Social Media Milestones for On-Target Strategy infographic which like the name suggests,highlights the different milestones in social media history.

From the Edelman Digital website:

..we wanted to celebrate our own milestone in social media by producing something of value for you. The social media milestones poster puts together some key events that have happened in social media over the years. Some are company related and others, purely societal. We couldn’t fit everything we would have liked–but these are some significant ones. The asset is for you–to put on your office wall, share with friends or enhance your presentations. It’s our way of saying thank you–and also our acknowledgment that this thing we all refer to as “social” is here to stay and has fundamentally shifted how we communicate, connect and create.

Here’s the Social Media Milestones infographic:
Social Media Milestones Infographic

click here to view the the image in full size.

How do you like the Social Media Milestones infographic? Which is/are your favorite social media milestone? Any other social media-related milestone/s that should be in the infograph? Please share your thoughts.

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