Road to WordPress 3.1 [VIDEO]

WordPress 3.1

Whether you’re a theme/plugin developer, user or avid fan – if you love WordPress then you’re gonna like this video created by Jon Cave entitled “Road to WordPress 3.1“. This video is a visualization of all the commits made to WordPress from the first version up until the release of 3.1. Think of it as the video history of WordPress in eight minutes.

Road to WordPress 3.1

Road to WordPress 3.1 from Jon on Vimeo.

[to better appreciate this video, try watching it on a large monitor or on fullscreen mode.]

The Road to WordPress 3.1 video is not only a useful tool for showcasing the growth of WordPress but also for recognizing the different individuals in the WordPress community who have shared their time, talents and effort in helping create what WordPress is today. Btw, this video was made using Gource.

Kudos to Jon Cave for creating this beautiful and insightful video and for sharing it with the WordPress community.

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