The 50 Top Ranked Blogs in the Philippines

Been regularly checking Pinoy Money Talk the past few weeks, waiting for the release of it’s annual list called Top Philippine Blogs according to Alexa rankings. I don’t know how I missed it but I did. Anyways, Pinoy Money Talk or PMT has finally released the list of the Top 50 Philippine Blogs for 2010 two weeks ago.

Here’s the Top 50 Philippine Blogs according to Alexa rankings:
top pinoy blogs 2010


  1. Most blogs in the Top 50 belong to 5 categories – Sports, News Aggregator, Technology, Money and Business & Entertainment.
  2. Blogs that made it to the list update content several times a week (some update daily or every other day).
  3. Discussion forums complements well with a blog – 8 of the Top 50 sites have a forum.

Last year, JaypeeOnline was one of the Top 10 gainers and for this year, I’m glad to share that JaypeeOnline is one of the Top 5 gainers.

Top 5 Alexa Rank Gainers

  1. (#21) — up 74% from 295,613 in January 2009 to 76,009 in January 2011
  2. (#1) — up 60% from 37,168 to 14,954
  3. (#14) — up 45% from 105,762 to 58,494
  4. (#38) — up 40% from 254,858 to 153,732
  5. (#44) — up 37% from 283,067 to 179,056

Top 5 Alexa Rank Decliners

  1. (#47) — down 300% from 46,688 in January 2009 to 186,861 in January 2011
  2. (#25) — down 159% from 38,828 to 100,646
  3. (#40) — down 146% from 67,719 to 166,668
  4. (#18) — down 135% from 29,336 to 68,812
  5. (#29) — down 129% from 51,289 to 117,290

I was surprised to see both Jehzlau-Concepts and Macuha rankings drop significantly. These two blogs have always been in the Top 10 since this annual list was started three years ago. The most probable cause that I can think of is the lack of updates because in terms of traffic, both these blogs still generate a lot. Jehzeel and Marhgil have neglected these blogs because they’re busy with other projects. Speaking of which, hats off to Marhgil of for getting Batangas Today in the Top 10 (#8) considering that it has only been online for 6 months.

The Alexa ranking system is not perfect and does have its weaknesses. However, it is still one of the widely used metrics in the Internet, especially by advertisers because like what James mentioned in the post, Alexa’s objective data (visits, pageviews, traffic stats, etc.) provides advertisers as well as blog owners an overview of a blog or website’s performance. For bloggers/webmasters, the data also provide an idea on how well they fare with other blogs and/or websites.

I’m looking forward to the next Pinoy Money Talk project which is the Top Philippine Blogs based on estimated number of unique visitors, bounce rate and visitor time on site. Once again, kudos to James of PMT for creating and sharing this list.

For more information regarding the 50 Top-Ranked Blogs in the Philippines (according to Alexa), the next Top 50 blogs, the ranking system and other important notes, please check out the official post.

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  1. @John – If you’re gonna dream, might as well dream big, right? Hehe anyways, like I said in my previous comment, I never expected to reach this kind of traffic/rankings but was able to do so with the help and support of friends and also some hard work. :)

  2. @ikogsakanding – Salamat! I’m sure with a little bit of hard work and perseverance, you’d also make it to the list soon. If you told me several years back that I’d get this kind of traffic/ranking, I’d probably laugh or won’t believe it. :)

  3. @sylv3rblade – Thank you! Congratulations to you too since you’re also in the Top 50. I’m sure with constant updates, you’ll be back to your old spot or even higher. ;)

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