Back Online

Back Online

After almost a month of not having Internet access at the apartment, I finally had it installed and working today. The guys from Time Warner Cable activated the line, installed the modem and after a few minutes had me connected to the world wide web. Initially, I wanted to get Verizon as my ISP but they didn’t provide service in my area so I had to choose between AT&T and Time Warner. I ended up choosing the latter because they offered the better deal. Time Warner didn’t require any contracts so I can terminate my account anytime I want. Plus, they provided the modem for free while AT&T charged $49 for it.

As soon as I got connected, the first thing I did was to update my antivirus definitions then the next thing I did was check the speed of my Internet connection using and here are the results:

Los Angeles, CA server
Speedtest Result 1

Las Vegas, NV server
Speedtest Result 2

It’s definitely much much better than my previous Internet connection and previous Speedtest results.

Btw, you might be wondering what happened to me and my blog during the past couple of months. First, me and my family had to move back to California and then after a month of staying in my wife’s aunt’s place, we got our own apartment. Aside from the moving and stuff, I also had to deal with some health issues not only with myself but with my wife and kid. My kid got the flu then a few days after that my wife got the stomach flu. Guess who was next? Me! I got the stomach flu three days ago and thank God that I’m finally recovering from it. I’m not even talking about the details here, I’m only giving you a rough idea but you can imagine how pretty crazy the past two months had been for me and my family.

Now that I have Internet connection at home, I can now go back to my regular blogging activities which includes replying to comments, emails, inquiries and of course blog hopping. I’m sorry if I haven’t yet replied to your emails and comments, don’t worry because those two are next on my to-do list. Again, I’d like to thank the loyal readers who never fail to drop by and leave a comment even if I barely update this blog, reply to their comments or visit their blogs. There’s so many things on my to-do list and so much catching up to do. Stay tuned for more updates.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Thanks to those who sent me their Christmas greetings. Belated Merry Christmas to all of you!

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  1. man, since you showed me that site, I had friends check their speeds and damn.. Guam is horrible!! LOL. we average just 2000 kb/s on downloads. 200 on uploads!!! thats horrific!!!

  2. Welcome back bro! It’s nice to see things are settling down for your family.

    I envy you so much because of that new internet connection. Right now, my ISP is being crappy again. :roll:

  3. @Joni – Hey, thanks! I know, I was so eager to get back as soon as I could. Thank God, everyone’s ok now. Hope you had a fun and blessed holiday season! :)

    The Internet connection is a compensation for not having cable TV. Hehe :D

  4. Hey welcome back! I was wondering when you were gonna blog again. :) I hope your family is OK now. Happy Holidays!

    WOW! @ your speedtest result.

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